Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WDT: Local State Lawmakers Call for More Ethics Laws

     Shelly Silver's conviction drew predictable responses from local lawmakers.


Anonymous said...

They can make up all the laws they want. Is is really going to make a difference. Crooks don't follow the law by definition.

Middle-Class Mike said...

The same lawmakers who attacked the motives of U. S. Attorney for S. Manhattan, NY, continually attacking him for prosecuting Silver and Skelos in the first place, will now pose as real reformers? Puke! Please don't let Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell act like a reform candidate, or NNY will collectively be sick at the same time! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Our assemblywoman shows she can be especially flexible on ethics. First supports Silver, and says it's the US Attorney who's really corrupt, joins her side in blocking a deal to strip felons like Silver et al of their taxpayer funded pensions, and now promises to lead the fight for reform.

It's like having two representatives in one! Only thing is, how do we know which Addie will show up on a given day?

Anonymous said...

1210.. She accepted contributions from Skelos and Libeos thats a matter of public record. The question that should be asked is did she return the money??? Thats what ethics is about. I wish Graham would quit censoring my comments about this problem. If it were a question of Russells ethics he allows it but if it is a question Of Richies he censors them.

Anonymous said...

2:32 OMG will you stop already. So you are Addie's little staffer, pray tell us when she stuck her finger in the wind today, did she have to first factcheck all her previous comments.

Her political career has been bought and paid for by the corrupt power brokers out of Albany.

If I were Patti Richtie, I would donate it to Pparenthood so they in turn can donate it back to Addie. We can't go below the line in 2015 with killing all those babies now can we. Addie's position on women having the right to abort full term babies sure is ethical and moral in everyones eyes.

Can you please inform everyone here how Addie felt when her fellow Libtard Governor got caught in the act with his socks down paying off that young prostitute where he had his way were the poor women. It's the men in the libtard party that prey on women like Addie not intelligent or with enough moral courage to buck Shelly when he was in office.

It's easy to be a rat and kick him when he is down, but where was her voice while he was in office clamoring for ethics reform.

Do we hear crickets....