Friday, December 18, 2015

WDT: First Year for Stefanik an Impressive One

    Setting up shop as a Member of Congress is enough of a challenge but Rep. Elise Stefanik has also successfully fought for a continued commitment to Fort Drum and has seen her friend Paul Ryan elevated to Speaker, a development that could have enormous benefit for the Congresswoman and her district.
     Locally, Ms. Stefanik established a constituent office and nationally became a voice and symbol for generatonal change in national leadership.
     I'd say a good first year, and as life is in Congress, she now has to face reelection against Democrat Mike Derrick. Based on the record, the race should go well for her.


Anonymous said...

The race will go VERY well for her.
But looking at the GOP primary, where republican establishment is being soundly rejected because of their RINOness, she ought to give pause, to reevaluate who she is aligning herself with. Not to say that she shouldn't continue to forge a good relationship with party leaders and try to find common ground with the party of free stuff. However, she would be well served to evaluate and respect why Trump and Cruz are many times more popular with her party than Paul Ryan is.

Anonymous said...

In a few years she'll move up the ladder, so it goes for Reps from our area..

Anonymous said...

Miss Stefanik has done especially well with her climate votes.

Anonymous said...

Derrick needs to sit down with Doheny to emotionally prepare for the whooping he is about to endure.

Anonymous said...

8:50- if you're right, I hope there's a fresh, young Republican out there eyeing this seat. If we have to sit through a fourth election with Doheny on the ballot while his army of clueless, nasty misfit supporters running around (actually making things worse for him, that's the funniest part), I think I might just move to Canada. Or at least put a bullet through my tv so I don't have to hear his commercials. He had the worst media team ever. And he repeated the same campaign mistakes with the same people election after election. Here's a message to Doheny: if you run again, shake it up. Do everything different. Your rerun strategy hasn't worked yet you keep repeating it. And you do worse in every election. Shake things up!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Jobs over clean air - a real winner for whom? Those who own gasmasks or operate coal mines ... take your pick (hell, maybe both).

Her overall congressional record is dismal. Check is out with an open mind.

And, tons of money from billionaires (Paul Singer in NYC to name one) ... his money is not in our best interests - that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well the budget deal she and the other RINOS just caved in for will strap our grandchildren with mountains of debt service.

All these Ryan led bozos did was cave to the special interests and the PACs .. Joe and Jane Sixpack got hosed and even worse their children and grandchildren will be paying for this for years .

Good job ....i think not !! .

My tax bill has not nor will it go down ,. Our nest egg while substantial ia not accruing any measurable interest and SS gave no cola .

But these idiot politicians gave the farm away to the 1 percenters and special interests . What Stefanik cited will NOT BENEFIT my family one iota ...... She is just another bloviator .

Anonymous said...

I can see why, Dan, you have no concern about jobs. If you don't need one, they don't matter so much.

Anonymous said...

We're all as shocked as you are, 546!