Tuesday, December 8, 2015

WDT: DANC to consider offering incentives to counties for single-stream recycling

          Progress always needs a push and allowing us to have single stream recycling would never happen without a call for it and incentives to get government to move.
          I started single stream recently at the business, and didn't wimper about some additional set up cost. It's worked out  and well, I feel like I am doing something. Speaking out in favor was of course shopped as anti-county by some.
         The current system is silly on the face and discourages recycling. If you don't believe recycling should happen, then the status quo is fine.
         Only recently, (post election) city electeds publicly support it too now that they don't have to curry favor with the Leg., which is committed to the way it is.be as timid either.
         And I can say that as I don't have to be timid either.
Watertown Daily Times | DANC to consider offering incentives to counties for single-stream recycling


Anonymous said...

By all means, these decisions should be forced by non elected agencies using a bribe coming from a small portion of the huge money they overcharge customers at the landfill. And most important is that the only newspaper in the county should get a seat on the board. Silver would be proud of that set up.

otherwords1 said...

I understand single stream recycling meaning that recyclables will be separated by employees rather than people doing it themselves for free.
I am concerned that those advocating for this either won't be bothered by potential increases in taxes because of the need to add employees, and thus money to pay them, or that they have a vested interest in paying the little extra in taxes because then they won't have to bother having their businesses do the separation which should not coast us anything.
Another possibility is that lobbying has been done to influence our "business and community leaders", who seem to travel in the same "higher level meetings circuit" around the city, to embrace the side of "single stream" while the rest of us, who have no access to such lobbying, do not have the vehicle to oppose them. That is, unless this blog carries a lot of weight with our "business and community leaders" who seemed to be the few who make the decisions affecting all the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Single stream makes perfect sense. Increases recycling, reduces waste in the landfills. There's a cost to dumping stuff that could be recycled too. Not to mention the toll on the environment. As for the added labor, use inmates or individuals in the welfare-to-work programs. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

By the time all this trash is trucked from point A to point B,C,D, etc, etc, is there really a net benefit to the environment?