Friday, December 4, 2015

WDT: College Brass Finds Their Amen Corner But Also Needs to Find Answers to Student Unrest

    Police in Potsdam say they are girding for a student demonstration this afternoon they say could disrupt traffic in the St. Lawrence County villages where SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson are located.
    SUNY students have been protesting for and against current administration and its handling of hate filled nasty notes written to a college professor who now says he wants to be left alone.
   An arrest was made for two of the notes, said to have been threatening.
    It seems SUNY brass has fanned the flames with all sorts of talk of heinous acts and a community taunting students with Confederate flags. Now administrators have students demanding action to make them safe and some demanding their tuition back.
     When this came up last spring I warned of mishandling and was singled out by the most PC of local media looking to excoriate me.
       I was right, and now administrators need to answer why they bobbled this matter and why students are out protesting instead of learning.


Anonymous said...

Guaranteed this is primarily motivated by dumbass little children who didn't do their homework all semester and want a bye. Oh hell, with the quality of education these days, just give them all A's and send them home to mommy and daddy to get some stuff for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed they will be getting a new iphone for Christmas the better to document their next tantrummy protest..

Anonymous said...

If a confederate flag 'upsets' a whining student then what if someone displayed a Japanese , German or Italian flag? We, all Americans north and south went to war and fought these people! But now we are friends again. I can't imagine the complete stupidity of these students!

Anonymous said...

The SUNY Chancellor needs to assume control and stabilize the instituion with strong leadership and make any necessary leadership changes at the college that are required . Potsdam's reputation has been tarnished and many will look elsewhere when considering college enrollment .

Anonymous said...

Imagine, back in the old days if we wrote a nasty note, the teacher told us to knock it off. It was implied that if the offender persisted, ours would no longer be a safe zone. Now Potsdam's future teachers call in the national guard, troopers, counselors, panty changers and the clergy. Scratch that last one, as no college student worth his/her/transgendered salt would consult such leadership. There just isn't any money in it. Not cool anymore. At least these children are preparing appropriately for the wonderful life of victimhood. If you doubt the importance of this story, tune in to the north country's finest, or the Johnson's weekly reader. They really believe in this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the 6:45pm post. The apostrophe in Johnson should have come after the s. As it is, it gives us an entirely improper meaning.

Max Volume said...

I'm a little confused here. We have a group of predominately black students in a predominately white area carrying "Black Lives Matter" signs and demanding the college become more diverse. Should the college simply fire 30% of the white faculty and then fill those positions with people who don't exist? I guess they could ask instructors from Detroit or Compton whether or not they can relocate here.

And speaking of diversity, where are all of the whites, hispanic and asians who should be carrying signs indicating that their lives matter too?

Wait a minute...that would be racist.