Monday, December 28, 2015

WDT: Car-Freshner Calls Out the Hounds

       When it comes to trademark infringement, Car Freshner is aggressive as many think nothing of using the idea of a tree to mimic the firm's iconic air freshener.
         I always wanted to open a bar around the corner and call it Starbucks and see how long till Seattle howls.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown’s Car-Freshner sues nonprofit over alleged trademark infringement

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to Perrykos to specify that they are a not-for-profit in his headline and emphasize that in the storyline. What difference does that make? Did Perry bother to check if it is true, like they verify if people really go to Harvard? Funny that as of 28 days ago, they were not a not-for-profit, according to their own blog:
"We have retained a business accountant and entered into a fiscal sponsorship with the local 501(c)3 organization, 'Percolator,' while we continue to pursue our own federal status. This means we can now accept donations that provide all continuing and future donors with an EIN number for tax deductible write offs."

Maybe Little Tree should get a sponsor from a NFP? I bet they hire more employees with imperfect backgrounds than Sun Cedar does. If not for that reason, then we should give Litttle Tree NFP status for having the generosity to stay here when they should be in Mexico or China.

Is what Sun Ceder is doing, even legal? Mayor can you follow suit and get a NFP to enter into "a fiscal sponsorship" with your bar? You stay open on the holidays and give the lost souls a place to take comfort, like a homeless shelter sort of.

I wonder of Lois Lerner's thugs will give this applicant the three year delay and harassment like they did to all those conservative applicants.