Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WaPo: Big Ed is Watching You

    I always wondered what happened to the scores from those Iowa tests we always were taking using that new fangled optical scan scoring.
    I assumed it was part of my "permanent record", which would contain the time I got kicked out of math class, my grades and maybe my attendance, which was good.

    Now its more extensive with medical data, behavior, all sorts of things.
    A high school senior will enter the world with an extensive dossier and that doesn't include all the stupid things posted on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Starting early with kids being asked by the baby doctors if there are guns in the house and if Mommy & Daddy fight and they feel safe.

The Hippa laws gave us that and being held in your own personal data bank that no one but the IRS, the EPA, the Health&Human services Dept. have access to, you see they want to get you when they are young.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE, to raise a Diverse World Citizen.

Max Volume said...

Yet the Millennials have no problem whatsoever in giving-up their personal information or freedoms.

Anonymous said...

You worry about nothing, 10:52. The Liar in Chief's use of the IRS to attack political opposition proves that we can trust our government with any and all information. They are honest brokers. They are honest public servants. No matter how much of a criminal our president is, these agencies cannot be politicized. Have you received your Mark Zuckerberg money yet?