Monday, December 28, 2015

Video: Stories that Stole the Headlines; 2015 in Review | WWNY TV 7

     The escaped inmates was certainly the headline grabber for 2015, along with the Amish kidnapping and last winter's incessant cold.  Sometimes the stories not covered are important or the ones grossly distorted. But I digress.
      Matt and Sweat win the prize along with their enablers at Dannemora. I might have added the toppling of Silver and Skelos, but that's a little too political to catch the fancy of those at 120. And the video isn't as catchy.
      I thought the fire bombings of those three cars was more newsworthy than the pros thought. Good pictures, but the subtexts were not something the public was to be told.  Just vague assertions about hobos and high schoolers playing with matches.
      The VanDuzee fire was noteworthy and with an insurance settlement likely, the blaze likely will save the City money, although who did it may not have had that as a motive.
        I am sure there are other stories of note, that I can't remember. 
         I didn't think the whining at SUNY Potsdam was worth the coverage it got, but me telling them to toughen up sure was.    
Video: Stories that Stole the Headlines; 2015 in Review | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

A big change in our local government wasn't newsworthy? We wouldn't want the city's underlings to worry about that... That's a task for Watertown's elite.

Anonymous said...

Our local politicans have been called out countless times on this blog about returning money recieved from corrupt or barred legislators for the purpose of re-election. Locally Addie Russell seemed to be underfire more often than the others but she did return the money from the felons.
Patty Ritchie has remained silent about her funding from Senators Skelos and Libeous both convicted of felonies and barred from the Sentate. Of course she did make some statements concerning such... When Mr Silver was convicted she stated it wasa good day because NYS had no room for that type of politics.. When Lib eos and Skelos were convicted she Quietely stated that it was unfortunate.. What was unfortunate Patty that they were convicted or that they were found out about.. You cant have it b oth ways.

Anonymous said...

11:09 Ahhhh, Addie's staffer. Shouldn't you be more silent of your support for dear dear Addie and her close relationship to Shelly.

Thankfully for us she wasn't successful in granting that 10th plank Shelly so wanted to kill babies in NYS up and until the delivery date.

Might we be lucky to hear that Addie herself is demanding that a special session was not held for ethic reform which would include campaign finance reform that monies in the corrupt pols campaign coffers would not be used as funds to pay off the trial lawyers. I also would like to hear Addie say that all corrupt felons would forever more recind any future claim of monies in the way of pensions earned be given back or set aside in a special account to cover at least the legal bills we NY'rs have to pay to go after your corrupt party.

Anonymous said...

Good point about you telling them to toughen up and that becomes news.
Big news stories of the year are boring.
A more interesting list is th hyped up local coverage of stories that were not really news. Like the one you listed about SUNY Potsdam. Another good example would be the attacks they did on Rain and the free publicity they did for the fire council candidate.