Tuesday, December 8, 2015


      Got my latest crown glued in today...Hey at least I have all my teeth, even though I have contributed to the dental industry. Spent some time at City Hall.  Cleaned out a few items, and had a nice chat down in codes.
       Tomorrow is the tour of the Arena. Looking forward to that.  Just one more Council meeting on the 21st. That one will be short. One last trip to Albany this week for Regional Council announcements
         I ordered a new ice sink today from Serv-U in Chicago. Has the cold plate built in. Much cleaner and the folks at DOH like that. 
          Tonight I am attending the IACA dinner honoring three lady members  Last such presentations of certificates.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there when the employees retire, I for one Thank You for making my last day special, I suspect the new Mayor won't continue the practice..Howard C. Schnettler Jr.

Anonymous said...

You're right Howard, he will be too busy for underlings like you. Thanks for your service.