Sunday, December 27, 2015

The GOP's New Hampshire nightmare - POLITICO

    With five weeks till a vote is case, there is lots of time for all political writers to opine, muse, speculate and rumor monger.
     Mike Huckabee says he is out if he isn't in the top three in Iowa. That means he is out.
     The establishment candidates (Bush, Rubio, Kasich and Christie) are tearing each other up in NH, hoping to emerge as the Trump slayer.
      The Donald is now fully engaged with Hillary Clinton and now Bill is getting active. It will be the chance to remind voters they don't want another Bush or another Clinton. However, the Clintons are not a low energy as Jeb and won't go quietly.
     Look for a redux of the Clinton sex scandals as a reminder of what you don't like about the Clintons.
     The Granite State should thin the field, but maybe not if results are inconclusive.  We need it to continue as the end result should not merely be because somebody won second place in a small state by five or six points.
     The fun begins in earnest this week.  Happy New Year !
The GOP's New Hampshire nightmare - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

Will the barnyeard dog BillyBoy be bringing the mistress to campaign?

Hilly, Billy and Mistress all sharing the Lincoln bed at different times.

NY21inMD said...

The problem with the Republican Party is not the quality of some of its candidates but a radical party core that can't accept competence in government. The anti-government message, that has long permeated conservative talk radio and Tea Party rallies, makes candidates like Kasich and Bush, who are experienced and arguably successful at governing, automatically suspect. Instead, the leading candidates, such as Trump and Cruz, have no experience at actually governing and their performances in the primary indicates no capacity to do so. Further evidence of this problem with the party core is the reality of largest majority House Republicans have ever had. The reality is it takes Democratic votes to pass legislation propose by Republican leaders. To me, the Republican Party is incapable of governing this country. I don't want any of them, even the supposedly competent ones, anywhere near the Oval office.

Anonymous said...

Yup NY21, you be right. It's all about "confidence in government". The government that gave us the IRS being used as a political weapon, ObambaCare, guns to the Mehicans, hidden emails, erased emails, standing by when diplomats are murdered, a VA that gives out bonuses for complete failure to produce, a justice department that declines to prosecute clear cases of criminal behavior, our War on the Police, open borders, the needless give back of all the gains we made during the Iraq war, and the lip lock relationship our Liar in Chief has with fine folks like Al Sharpton. We will leave out the tripling of the national debt, as people like you in government jobs benefit greatly from us selling out the future of our kids. That doesn't bother me. I have no kids, so I don't mind screwing yours. You're as mindless a partisan hack as our local golf pro.

Anonymous said...

Commie57inMD makes some good points. He would never support a Senator for POTUS with no experience "governing". Especially one who's claim to fame is showing up to teach one class on one amendment in the Constitution. Specifically, a class on how to twist said amendment into something it doesn't mean, in order to harass businesses the government.

Having democrats vote for republican legislation is just a terrible terrible thing. 'Would be far better to pass laws the way Obamacare was passed, without a single vote from the minority party. Especially the part where they had to bribe their own democrats to the tune of billions in order to get them to vote for it. "Stay stupid my friends"

Anonymous said...

The problem is the GOP doesn't have a candidate to stand behind.