Saturday, December 12, 2015

WDT: State Comes Through for Northside Project

          Some very good news among the funding announced this week from Albany was $400,000 for new construction at the Watertown Industrial Center on Starbuck Avenue. It will house Jain Irrigation, one of those quiet but successful firms that iis now headquartered on Water Street.
      Jain is an Indian company that took over the former Chapin Watermatics.
       Whe WIC consists of former NY Air Brake Buildings converted into a center for newer and smaller businesses.  It was the first project I worked on when first elected mayor as reuse of the old plant was just as important as working to save the existing Air Brake which was done as well.


Anonymous said...

Good Move by the folks on Water St. maybe now with co$ts going down they'll be able to lower costs for their employees in the arena of health care, Interesting op-ed piece on the goings-on at the Starbuck Ave. venue, Hey maybe the Boxing Club can move next door?

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure. Democrats won't make the mistake of running two candidates as the Republicans did. When you have a puppet like Addie in there, you can't afford to split her vote.

Anonymous said...

I am sure there are a few dozen connected people who will benefit from this freestuff.But mostly...this is just another of the countless examples of why the lie that libtards spread, of how WE get more from Albany than we give, is simply NOT TRUE. Most of what Albany sends to us is not for us and is not wanted. We would rather get to keep our tax money, keep our freedoms and write our own laws.