Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snow Blankets NNY, Film at Eleven

     Old Man Winter dumped his first load of the 'white stuff' on an unsuspecting North Country lulled into spring fever by a freakishly warm December. 
      Traffic was snarled and panic led distraught residents to stores in search of milk, eggs, wine and Cheez Doodles.
      I was hoping we could make it to January before firing up my twenty year old Simplicity, but it wasn't to be.
      The rest of the week looks OK, as we usher in the new year. 


Anonymous said...

Wine and Cheez Doodles? That's funny. I Googled it and only got one hit on the phrase and that was back in 2008.

Anonymous said...

...and beer!

Anonymous said...

Unsuspecting???? They've been talking about this for since Christmas! And the governor himself told us how to keep safe.