Friday, December 4, 2015

Single Stream Recycling Gets a Thumbs Up from Current and Future City Fathers.

    Participated this morning in a panel discussion for students at the Jefferson Leadership Institute. That's the annual session run by the Chamber of Commerce to acquaint young professionals with local government and institutions.
     Council Members Butler and Jennings joined me in responding.
     It was interesting and I am glad all three of us agreed on single stream recycling, meaning that issue can go forward with the new Council, I hope.
     We actually agreed on many matters in the wide ranging discussion.
      A good time was had by all.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you and mayor elect Butler are in agreement. Have you ever known him to flipflop?

Anonymous said...

Does that mean city residents would be provided with a bin for all recyclables? That would definitely increase my participation,as a single household,I don't generate enough to say so and usually just toss it in the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Forget about recycling, the discussion should have been on how to vote out 2016 Leg. assembly & senate representatives.

Just out, Silver filed for his retirement. So it pays to be a crooked representatives and he will be seeing 90,000 a year in pension.

Addie, can you write ole Shelly and ask him to donate his ill gotten air mileage points to our soliders @ Ft. Drum. These too were ill gotten when instead of taking the train up north to Albany or a car he would fly out of JFK to Philadelpha and have a layover and then fly into Albany, all to earn personal air mileage points, once again on the taxpayers dime.

Since 2000, 30 NYS Representatives are convicted felons. How many are registered in the corrupt Democrat party?