Saturday, December 19, 2015

Quick Arrests....An Increasingly Familiar Story

     Prompt arrests has relieved tensions in the Winslow Street neighborhood where 23 year old Nichalas Vanzelf was allegedly stabbed to death in what was described as a robbery attempt resulting in murder. Two men and one woman were charged.
      Word of the crime spread around the city and on social media.  Two of those charged were 18 and the other was 19.  Details of it all spread quickly.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the idea that you get charged with murder if someone dies when you are committing a felony? This girl needs to be charged with murder too. Or did she get off easy because she snitched? Or is it because she is not black?

Anonymous said...

Fine looking group of young Democrats. And despite some people's BS about the War on Women, duh babes always get a better deal. Let's see, two thugs, one from NYC. Gee lady, I can see why you wanted to hang with them.

Anonymous said...

No cable TV for the three killers , they are all guilty and should be put to sleep.