Sunday, December 13, 2015

Politico: Dems See Cruz Top Contender

      Whether its wishful thinking or just a cold political analysis, top Clinton aide John Podesta reportedly is telling donors Senator Ted Cruz is the most likely GOP nominee, followed in likelihood by Donald Trump and Senator Marco Rubio.
      I'd agree and note that Governor Christie could be included as a darkhorse candidate depending on early primaries.
       If its all still in doubt by summer, a turn to a Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan might be in order.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Trump will be the nominee but will be an independent candidate. I, for one, just don't trust that he's not a Clinton plant. His past positions have echoed Clinton positions and he is friends with the Family. Given all of the baggage and vulnerabilities that candidate Clinton brings to the campaign it's hard to believe she could prevail in against most of the Republican candidates in a straight up election.

I also find it someone curious that Trump seems to come out with his most controversial comments just as the story broke that military assistance was waiting to be dispatched to aid the trapped Benghazi diplomats, situation that should be very damaging to Clinton. Instead, Trump, through it comments, dominates the news. The Benghazi email never even gets mentioned on any news outlet other than Fox.

Also, the Trump controversy comes just as the president's and Sec. Clinton's stance on terrorism wass tanking following a very lackluster speech to the nation.

Anonymous said...

Romney already proved he is unelectable because he is rich. The guy is worth almost as much as the Clinton's are and that is not allowed for a republican.

It is funny to hear political experts predict the unpredictable over and over again and be wrong more often than a coin flip would be. Yes there is a path for Cruz to be the nominee but its not any better than the path for Trump to be. Rubio seems like he is getting deeper in the weeds not closer to the finish line. Christi has the furthest to go but is gaining credibility with ever yon but the people who count...the primary voters.

Anonymous said...

Podesta just isn't that smart. Cruz will be the nominee? I'm thinking pretty much everyone knows that. Trump is doing a fine service though. If it wasn't for him, the only news would be about Obama's dishonesty and Hillary allowing our overseas people to be murdered.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame to say but..... it looks like another 4 years of Clinton :(