Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Palmer Street Vote Tees Up Issue for New Council

        Last night's vote on Palmer Street was predictable and phony. The final decision on using eminent domain to acquire the street and make it officially a city street will come in the future. What was passed 3-2 last night was approving the findings from a public hearing a couple of months ago. A procedural step.
       Council Members Macaluso and Butler voted no as they knew they could  Council Member Jennings had voiced support as had Council Member Burns. It was assumed I would vote yes and I did.
       I did toy with calling the bluff and voting no after a comment was made about low traffic on the street. There's low traffic on Loomus Drive too. The difference between the streets is one is home to a newspaper publisher and the other is not.
       The aversion to eminent domain and spending money to benefit property owners will be tested more completely on Western Boulevard, which will come up next year.
        These are tough votes with real voters standing up and voicing opposition. It's tough to vote yes in the face of that but the totality of the facts on Palmer Street justifies moving on or at least leaving open the option of moving on, which is what last night's action did.
        With two votes on the new Council ostensibly opposed,  getting one of the new Members spooked should not be hard to do, so I suspect this will move no further.


Anonymous said...

You can make a good argument for doing and not doing several things about Palmer. But I would like to welcome you to the Conservative party. What exactly do you feel that you have in common with that party?

Its not just Addie's seat that is low hanging fruit which you could easily pick. When the Harvard lass moves on to bigger and better things,that will be easy pickin's too. Other than her, WHO has run for that seat, that you don't think you could out-debate and out-shine? Maybe Owens...maybe not. All you need is one or two million and that seat could be yours. Of course, if you warm up in Addie's seat, there is no clearer path. This is not like running for Senate...you would have more than an even chance at both.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the new post election Graham, saying what he feels not worried if it will cost a vote. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Agree 9:01. Like he has been independent all along LOL