Saturday, December 5, 2015

NY Post: D'Amato Testimony May Sink Skelos

      While surely familiar with Long Island politics, Al  D'Amato has thrown fellow Nassau County pol Dean Skelos under the bus, according to the NY Post.
       The former US Senator and political rainmaker has testified he warned then Senate Majority Leader Skelos that his son's no-show job was causing problems at the insurance company where the Skelos lad was employed as part of an alleged quid pro quo for dad's help on legislation.
       The Skelos' are on trial for alleged corruption, alhough one can understand why the elder Skelos is perplexed, as getting your kids a job is not uncommon help from a parent.


Anonymous said...

Not any worse than getting your kid a summer job at a State campground. But maybe things are changing.............Hope so.

Anonymous said...

So what's wrong with a no show job here in Benito's world? Junie O'Neill not only got one, but got a big raise when her finances weren't keeping her in the lifestyle she had become accustomed. This is done every day, folks. This is the government you voted for.

Anonymous said...

This is more information than I had before. Now its an either or "pressure companies into giving the son work he wasn’t qualified for or didn’t perform. If not being qualified fro the job is a crime then half the NYS politicians belong in prison.

Reminds me of the job Butler used to have at Drum. Reminds me of Aubertine and the fair. Dede and June. Who was the guy that resigned from the SOB after the elevator gate? Cuomo better be afraid...very afraid.