Saturday, December 12, 2015

N.Y. lawmakers seek to fix terror gap in state gun laws - NY Daily News

        I'm all for terrorists not having guns although I think they will get them regardless of a planned expansion of the SAFE Act.  I'm for terrorists not having box cutters, C-4 or airplanes as well. 

N.Y. lawmakers seek to fix terror gap in state gun laws - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

That's fine as long as you are not in favor of banning terrorists from coming into the county, like Trump is. That would be fascist.
How about fireworks and pressure cookers? Where do you stand on those?

Interesting factoid...the guy who gunned down the first responders Christmas eve, out in western NY a few years ago, didn't buy his gun directly, but had his neighbor do it instead. And these latest Muslim terrorists bought their guns from the neighbor too. So much for this stupid proposal helping.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, usually you have a deeper understanding of issue of this type. Here are the problems with this latest publicity stunt by Donkeys. There are two lists, the do not fly list and the terror watch list. The first has about 50k people, while the watch list has almost a million. No due process is involved. All one has to do to get on these lists is be reported or suspected of having evil thoughts. It would be like denying rights to people who have been investigated for child abuse. That's a hell of a lot of people. Many completely cleared after investigations. You can bet anyone who rankles the Liar In Chief, Benito, or our fine Attorney General will have a good chance of landing on someone's list. Not good. Certainly not right. As the golf course says, "un American". The latest muslim killer from CA was not on any list. Great job, government. Despite trips to Saudi Arabia and direct contacts with ISIS, he didn't make the grade. Such lists are arbitrary, not an accurate indicator of anything. This is just another step in surrendering rights. The opportunity for abuse is undeniable. Trouble is, so many don't mind living their lives on their hands and knees. Vote Donkey.

Anonymous said...

Today's New York Times: immigration officials didn't check Tashfeen Malik's social media accounts before admitting her to the country. If they had, they would have discovered her support of radical islam. Despite her having killed 14 people, DHS questions whether it is appropriate to check social media accounts.


"Tashfeen Malik, who with her husband carried out the massacre in San Bernardino, Calif., passed three background checks by American immigration officials as she moved to the United States from Pakistan. But none uncovered what Ms. Malik had made little effort to hide — that she talked openly on social media about her views on violent jihad.

"She said she supported it. And she said she wanted to be a part of it.

"American law enforcement officials said they recently discovered those old — and previously unreported — postings as they pieced together the lives of Ms. Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, trying to understand how they pulled off the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001..."

"Had the authorities found the posts years ago, they might have kept her out of the country. But immigration officials do not routinely review social media as part of their background checks, and there is a debate inside the Department of Homeland Security over whether it is even appropriate to do so..."

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Put box cutters, C4, etc., in the 2nd Amendment and then watch the NRA have fits trying to take them away by saying: "Obama is coming for your box cutters and C4" or worse: "The only way to stop a bad guy with a box cutter is to use C4 on his ass."

Well, alrighty then...