Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Year's Revelry Not An All Night Affair Locally

     The local bars don't seem that interested in going the extra mile with an all-night permit on New Year's Eve, and it's likely a business decision. On New Year's you get an extra hour anyway and staying open from 3 AM to 8AM is generally more hassle, risk and expense for a limited return.
      Of course, a Turning Stone applied but they have a captive audience. Last year, I did the all night and determined it's not worth it. New Year's is not the holiday it used to be and after a busy holiday season, you'll find New Year's Day is often just as good a business opportunity.
     Happy New Year's.

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Anonymous said...

You can already serve til 3am on "NYE" in Jefferson County. Isn't that late enough? Although wouldn't that be a day early?

And apparently, all day xmas day