Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nelson Wraps up Four Terms

     My old friend Bill Nelson held his final meeting as Mayor of the Maple City.  He has held the job for 16 years and was active in the NY Conference of Mayor, serving as its president.
       Ogdensburg has its challenges and Mayor Nelson has represented the city well.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt mayor Nelson served the city long as did mayor Richard Lockwood who Nelson learned the tricks of the trade.
He went into office knowing he had to please at least half of the people and that he did well however he totally forgot the other half.. During his administration we found out they were more interested in cosmetics in the river front than the cosmetics of the city as a whole. Taxes were kept in line very well but he constantly fought with the Bridge and Port people as too priorities. We lost a couple of major employers over the years because of his failure to negotiate water and sewer rights with them.. He backed a city manager for years until the manager crossed some well off friends of Nelsons so he went on a vendetta to win his last election and fired him.. His family and friends prospered during his housing debacle that was canceled by the new city planner a daughter of a very close friend whom was hired during his administration.
His administration lacked transparency and held secret meetings at times. The waterfront is now beautiful with more to come while some of the rest of the city is falling down as his administration failed to address problems in the infrastructure. He allowed Mr Pinkerton to hire the present DPW superintendant whom everyone knows is not qualified for that job while skipping present emplohyees who were more than qualified..
I know he is one Republican that has shot holes in the second ammendment of the citizens of this state and is stance will remain the same.
I cant blame him personally for the decay of Ogdensburg but he was at the helm of a city that once had a population of about 16,000 now about 10000. The tax is paid by about 28 percent of the city taxpayers because of not for profits and tax exempt property. Ogdensburg has not been business friendly and that is mainly because of city hall and their policies..
I hope he has a very good life there after but I hope Mr Ashley can lead this city back to prosperity..

Anonymous said...

You pay your mayor 8000 a year then trash him. But you are paying a new city manager 125000. Bill Nelson did a good job representing the city. It's time we pay elected officials and then hold them accountable. You can always vote them out. You can't with appointed administrators.

Anonymous said...

The new mayor has several serious challenges ahead . He will need both strong support and new bolder ,creative ideas to transform Ogdensburg.