Monday, December 14, 2015


     Nice day and I spent a little time at City Hall.  Everything is cleaned out except the pictures which I will take out next week. Sorry, not leaving my Robert Plumb water color or the WW1 dog print. Need to find a place to put them. Could use a little bigger house but the guy next door won't sell. Just leaves it vacant year after year. Go figure.
     This afternoon I went up to Hospice to visit a friend. I've been there for other events, but first time visiting a patient. Very nice surroundings.
      We are doing the Pearl Street Pub Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 23. By now the two waitresses at the Pearl Street Pub in Albany should have the T-Shirts I sent them. That should be a hit in the capital.
      Markets were up today. Can Ms. Yellin please raise that rate by a quarter point so we can quit fussing? Maybe the Federal Reserve should be abolished.
       The Queen of Hearts is down to the final card at the Elks for tomorrow.........Wonder if the media will cover it ?
        New drone rules going into effect.  People were caught having fun and have to be regulated.
         No Council work session tonight. Forty percent of the Council not interested in working.

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