Monday, December 7, 2015


   Got my Wrangler detailed today at Rust Check on Water Street. They did a great job and it looks better than new. I just had to get the stench of politics out before winter.
    I am looking for a new ice sink. Preferably one with the built in cold plate. It's tough to shop solely on line with no one to talk to, but that's the way of the world. No restaurant supply places here anymore
     I said on the air today I expected a short meeting tonight. Just want to make it clear, we will cover the subject matter adequately. I just don't expect bloviating or public comment to extend the meeting. So if it's not indeed 15 minutes, 20 is fine.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can pick one up at the Black River/NNYCF Club auction on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Rosie does a nice job on Bradley Street too.