Friday, December 18, 2015

Model Citizens

   In France a law has been passed banning models who are too thin. You can be fined. Meanwhile a famous model who is not too thin is in trouble for tax evasion. Israeli beauty Bar Rafaeli has been charged with not chipping in enough.

    Should someone like Bar even pay taxes?

     Meanwhile 50 year old British actress Elizabeth Hurley has her Christmas card out there, wishing folks a Happy Christmas.  
     Today Coca Cola was over hooking up my new ice sink. Excellent service...Stop by for some Coke products today.


Max Volume said...

I just received a text from Bar and she assured me it's just a 'misunderstanding.' Therefore, Bar gets a pass on this one.

PS: Bar would look great in your bar!

Anonymous said...

Someday, maybe even in my lifetime, even government lovers are going to get to a point where they admit there are just too many laws out there.

Anonymous said...

Hurley is hot but what’s up with the PC “Happy Chrismas” card? It’s Merry Chrismas!

Anonymous said...

A English girl and Jewish girl, Huh I think I'll take them both.

Anonymous said...

3:46, Get with the program...using using the word "happy" instead of "merry" is not PC.
Using the word "holidays" instead of "Christmas" is the PC part.
And she did not do that.

Anonymous said...

Max, you run in fine circles. Good for you.