Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Media Makes Trump Sinister...But Isn't He Saying What Many are Thinking ?

    The Donald was on "the shows" today talking about his suggestion America take a break in allowing Muslims in until the nation gets a grip on radical Islamic terrorism such as last week in San Bernardino.
      The media reaction was swift like the Philadelphia Daily News cover.
Comparison is Obvious
       This morning the WaPo's Eugene Robinson compared Trump to Mussolini, the bombastic Italian dictator.
          As for Mr. Trump, he struck a firm but more moderate tone on Morning Joe as he was interviewed for over half an hour.
          The GOP hierarchy is now bound by PC to topple this guy.  It will be an interesting month of January in advance of the voting in Iowa and NH.


hermit thrush said...

is trump saying what you're thinking, jeff?

otherwords1 said...

Why be appalled at what Mr. Trump has stated? After all, we are under attack by UNKNOWN agents of a Muslim sect. We don't know who actually belongs to this Muslim sect, even if they might be citizens of our own country. But we DO know that the violence COMES from a some Moslems.
Since we have trouble identifying what Americans may be changing their loyalties to their own country and contemplating, or actually committing violence on Americans, aren't we compounding the risk to ourselves by permitting any of those of whom might actually be a terrorist FROM an Islamic country where such recruitment is open and rampant?
I think it also must be pointed out that those attacking Americans have no problem with attacking ANY of us, not just our military or strategic targets as would conventional war would do. Just killing any American is good enough for them. While Trump is NOT advocating doing the same to Muslims-simply killing any of them at random, but trying to control what we can in order to fight what we cannot see.
Remember when refugees first came here from Cuba? A good many were criminals. How would any of you "separate out any immigrant who was coming to kill Americans?
The idea of stopping the tide until we ferret out who might be dangerous does not sound so bad to me. And This is what Trump actually said.

Anonymous said...

What can one expect from the golf course media? They are fully owned by Obama lovers everywhere. Now that they have apparently been successful in demonizing Carson, they have to go after Trump. There isn't a sane person in America who doesn't understand that at least a temporary cessation in the importing muslim votes program isn't in order. We realize FreeStuff and bending over is the name of the game, but just for minute, think this through. Take a break from your Hollywood style worship of the Liar in Chief.

Anonymous said...

He is going to bury the gop

dajeep said...

All this daily tirade of Muslim crap reminds me of my ex-wife, nag,nag, nag, non-stop. Getting sick of it already. With all this attention, the terrorists are getting what they want. Just keep your eyes open and be aware of any situations or people that look suspicious.

Anonymous said...

What he is saying is dangerous and rounding up US citizens (Mexican-Americans and Muslim-Americans... for now) is unconstitutional. Once we start ousting certain ethnic groups, what's to stop us from rounding up any political dissident? Hitler started with the disabled, and then moved on to Jews in his quest to "make Germany great again."

tpc4545 said...

The GOP has already buried themselves with all of their lies. Time to wake up!

Anonymous said...

He tried to say what many of us think. It's time to shut the door, clean house, and than open it back up to a very limited lucky few. Our country didn't make it that way. They did. Good sample in time.....Remember just before WW2 took off, our government worried about people from Germany/Japan? Was it stupid to do so? Yes? tell that to several guys in our Navy who are still in their ships at Pearl Harbor. Tell it to some of the dock workers in N.Y.C. who were never found after the explosions. Some of what the man said is founded.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant, TP. Perfect name for you. With a president who is known to be a complete liar, fool, and traitor, you reach behind you and come up with the GOP being dishonest. Yes sir, it definitely is time to wake up. In your case, sober up.

Anonymous said...

Trump has become the poster child for Xenophobia. He not only willingly would violate the constitutional rights of citizens. ,but like all xenophobes capitalizes on the fear and ignorance that exists among the alienated in this country . Hitler , , Mussolini and other infamous tyrants all rose to power employing this same kind of scapegoating .Once in power their native ns declined rapidly as their intolerance caused the Allied Forces to rally and overcome tyranny.

The GOP while argueably in turmoil , must coalece and marginlize this ill informed ,, overly simplist candidate , who by th way when pressed for details only says " its gonna be great " This man is not only delusional and self centered he is dangerous to all who believe in the ideals that this country was founded upon and and who value the constitutional rights of citzens be they naturlized or native born .

The GOP must flush this toilet soon ,if it is to remain viable . The longer this megalomaniac is in contention the more freedom suffers and constitutional rights evaporate .

Anonymous said...

11:46 - What a load of crap. He has never said he would round up American Citizens, and by the way if he did, he would be mimicking what the US did to the Japanese in the US, not what Hitler did in WWII. You understand the difference ? The Japanese attacked, so we undertook a plan to stop their agression, and won. LIkewise we need a non-mamby plan of action against the current threats to the society that was presviously saved by non-pamby leaders.

I realize it's might hurt a little to think, but there are a whole bunch of "Americans" that don't want to see this country collapse into a melted pot.

Rich said...

The problem is statements such as those made by Trump hands Democrats a huge gift. President Obama and Clinton were taking heat from both the left and the right following the President's speech Sunday. Trump took them off the hook and diverting attention away from them and by going on a rant against the other Republican candidates.

While I don't subscribe to conspiracies and the like, I'm half convinced Trump is a Democratic plant whose real motivation is to get Clinton elected. He never rally goes after her and when she seems to be getting into trouble he deflects attention being paid to her. It's a shame because in the normal course of events the Republicans have several very attractive candidates who in the normal run of activities should easily defeat Clinton in next year's election.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we (or others in Europe) acted like this in the 1930.s we would not have had Hitler. Sometimes you have to stand up.

All these liberals are the ones who in hindsight blame everyone for letting the Holocaust occur

Anonymous said...

309.. Trump is echoing what Republicans stand for no doubt about it.. Republicans want another war and thats obvious. Trump just feel lets have it here.. Hope they round up all the idiot like you and deport them.

Anonymous said...

The government run media over at channel 7 wasted their lead story and waited to cover this as their second story. They even interviewed an Obamabot religious type to repeat the lie about all religions having extremest elements to them. "KKK" he says in his best effort to repeat the lies of the liar in chief. Yup that new news director is doing Scotty proud.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of offending the blameless pig population, Trump has undoubtedly become the face of the Republican Party and it looks like a pig’s ass.

Go El Porko!!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

T-rump is not saying what most are thinking - only what most of his braindead base (sorely needed for the nomination) thinks ... Pat Moynihan called it the "dumbing down of America." boy was he correct.

This is T-rump I and I suspect millions of others see and hear, and it's ugly:

Fact: Trump overall sees himself as a brand name and a performer.

1. He calls himself a leader and a problem-solver.
2. He professes that people – even the ones he talks down to- love him.
3. He sees himself as not being flawed in any way.
4. He says only he can solve problems with business-like approaches and negotiations and nothing else.
5. He knows how to perform for his GOP base.
6. He know how to pander and talk to and hopefully turn out the angriest and most aggrieved voters.
7. He is expert at creating conversation about himself that others are drawn to him based on his own personal assessment of himself.
8. He is clever and experienced about how TV works.
9. He is both an actual person and a TV character.
10. He knows how to perform before audiences and shows it almost daily.

T-rump is in a word: The 2015 version of "The Flim-Flam Man" and far worse than the movie version con man Mordecai Jones.

T-rump fits nicely in his own little world, but should not be allowed anywhere near the Oval office except as a tourist.

Anonymous said...

Seems like most posters on here need to learn a little American history. The AMERICANS of Japanese decent rounded up by the government during WWII had absolutely NOTHING to do with either Pearl Harbor or the fight against Japan. They were loyal Americans abused by this country in a wave of fear and emotion, much like the present situation. Everybody needs to keep their namby-pamby girdles on please. Fans of FOX NEWS seem to be the biggest nervous nellies. They are like a bunch of Barney Fifes running off at the mouth. Funny part is they want boots on the ground over there, just not their boots.

Anonymous said...

Seems like 9:36 needs to learn a lot of American history.
While the Japanese were TEMPORALLY put in internment camps by FDR, (the patron saint of libtards), 450,000 Americans were PERMANENTLY killed, fighting the Japanese and German armies. Boo freaken who for those who were temporarily and humanly interned.

Anonymous said...

7:05 our own resident bigot without a filter between the mind and the mouth .

Here is a clue : Every brain fart you have is NOT worthy of attention .

But,you are entertaining in a perverse humor kind of way . You are the most predictable of all bigots . Your boiling point is low and so is your impact ...but feel free to continue the sideshow .Have a nice day ;)

Sick of Brackets! said...

9.36. The government also caught people all through the war trying to destroy key factories, ports, and we know what Japanese (some mind you) helped do at Pearl Harbor. How do you think they were guided from sea to the port? Radios used by what we should call terrorists of the times. N.Y.C ports were so dangerous the government made deals with the mob to protect them from German agents. We didn't forget people like Danny and you, just hoping it will go away. That's what got us wrecked before. People in certain parties try to forget our country wasted months on blow jobs in the White House, and never noticed the storm on the horizon. I have always liked President Clinton, but there is no saying that he wasn't to busy on things that were not protecting us. Trying to hide the dress, and more. The top dog now seems to care less about our country every day, and more about Basketball. Realize it is just a few weeks away. Picking teams and all that crap. Brackets. Brackets will be Danny's party concern.

Anonymous said...

Another angle. 8:14, you must have cried long enough, as your posts cannot be responded to any more. Censored, just like the mainstream media. That should make you gush.

Anonymous said...

9:10, 7:05 presents some facts. You expel gasses. You don't even have the intellect to write without copying others. You must have an education degree. Or at the very least, a fine government job. Go play golf. There's a crybaby out there who will hold your hand while you two can repeat what each other says. You can gush nonsense together.

Anonymous said...

7:13 alias 7:05 right on cue you are soooo predicable , constipation of thought followed by diarhea of nonsense .

Anonymous said...

No government job for you though, right 7:13? No way would a genius like you need a government job, or ever think of collecting a pension from such a job.

Anonymous said...

I do think Trump is taking it to the polls to help Hillary to the white house . Because as you see the whole group behind him is all ignorant white people that are scared to death that the minorities are taken over the country . Using fear to push an election has been done over and over. That's what started the Iraq war .WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. OVER AND OVER. So sometimes we have to own when we do bad also. But in politics we go around those things.