Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Local Reaction To Trump's Remarks On Muslims | WWNY TV 7

       How much of the Trump coverage is Trump or feigned outrage at Trump by the dainty media ?  The remarks about Muslims was enough to put many news people over the edge like on Morning Joe today.
        Even our local media broke the no politics mantra and weighed in.
        Mr. Trump will not fare well in Jefferson County and will be buried in the Big County where the hate police are on double shifts.
         Today a liberal friend of mine was texting me about Trump, Nazi Germany, and the First and Fourteenth Amendments.
         I responded by saying my favorite amendment was the 21st.
          "I'll drink to that"  texted my liberal friend.
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Anonymous said...

I think you will be surprised at Trump's reach in St. Lawrence County.

So long as it isn't Queen Hillary......

Anonymous said...

Most of the coverage is intended to inaccurately report what Trump says, in an attempt to destroy his candidacy.
Funny that the same people attacking Trump, spend most of their spare time bashing the christian religion for the crime against humanity of refusing to cater gay weddings. But when it comes to the most oppressive, backward, misogynistic, female genital mutilating, intolerant and terrorist inspiring religion, they immediately claim alegince to the prime directive in Star Trek, and embrace a false ability to tolerate religion. No, the MSM schmucks are not tolerant of religion, they are tolerant of Islam...because it is part of the leftest political movement of true fascism and destruction of American culture.

Anonymous said...

What about all of our Muslim Sports Heroes? Will Mel start doing a segment on our Muslim Student Athlete of the Week?

Anonymous said...

11:38, that's a great idea. Jihad Joe and Jenny. I can see it now. This fine young student scored 27 points despite being weighted down by three black towels. Her games last longer because she order the first seven rows in the gym to turn their heads in case some part of her leg shows. Little Ackmed set a new standard for pole vault by clearing the bar swinging a sword in one hand and the pole in the other. In the shot/bomb put, Obamajad beat out all others easily. After his win, he was surrounded by virgins and second graders.

6:49, yours is the most sensible and clear post we've had in a long time. Thank you.