Sunday, December 27, 2015

JETS Deflate Mentally Challenged Pats in OT

    College doesn't always guarantee you are smart as the New England Patriots found out when they won the overtime toss and elected to kick. Even with the new OT rules, receiving means you can end it all with a touchdown and the JETS did just that and set up the game of the year next week in Buffalo.
    With a Steelers (Sorry Shootie) loss to Baltimore, the JETS control their destiny and will get a wild card slot with a win in Orchard Park.
     The JETS were solid throughout especially on defense against Brady.


Anonymous said...

Him be toasted. Him thought it was the start of da game. Oops. Wait - we won but... Do over? Bellycheck better get his mouthpieces re-kalybrated.

Boston wuda one but 4 a teknickle air or.

Anonymous said...

But this error pales in the face of the Seahawks giving the Pats the Super Bowl win.

Anonymous said...

I just shows how cocky the Pats are. They clearly have the Jets the ball first thinking their defense could stop them and then the Pars would have better field position and, at a minimum, be able to pop in a quick field goal and win. Not a terrible strategy but risky, especially considering the Pats performance in the previous couple games. Serves them and their cocky fans right. I have never met a Pats fan I liked.