Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Interesting World We Live In

     The Donald isn't the only one who says he remembers Muslim Americans in New Jersey cheering the fall of the Twin Towers.  A couple people called the HOTLINE yesterday with the same claim, and both of them are well known people in our community.


Anonymous said...

It was widely reported that large crowds gathered overseas to celebrate. Every major news organization reported that fact. Domestic celebrations are a different discussion point. Considering the USA being a diverse nation of every ideology and creed there must have been a pockets of those that partook in celebration, whether is was a handful, dozens or thousands is certainly up for debate.

Anonymous said...

You sound like your are completely ignorant of the fact that the reporter who Donald mocked (or didn't mock), wrote a story about Muslims celebrating 9/11. And then this same lying disgusting NY Times reporter showed up to say he didn't remember writing the story.

Anonymous said...

Remember when we were in school back in the 60's how our history teachers railed at Provda for being nothing more than a government controlled mouth piece and had no credibility for reporting the
truth? Remember when we were all laughing at what a ridiculous joke the raghead news service Al-Jazzera was? Remember how we all thought smugly to ourselves about how that could never happen here? My, my. How times have changed!


Of COURSE he doesn't remember writing the story. All those drugs DO tend to fog the memory, don't you know. (chuckle)