Friday, December 4, 2015

Governor and Mayor Meet to Bury the Hatchet

     Governor Cuomo and Mayor deBlasio have met in a bid to thaw their icy relations....the one time HUD coworkers reportedly are at odds, although you never know if that's just a media narrative, so they can later write of the rapprochement
     Both men seem to be grappling for the title of top Democrat in the state and for the most part Mr. Cuomo has been winning that battle.


Anonymous said...

As he should be. As bad as Cuomo is, he is a shining light in the dark compared to DeBlasio.

Which isn't saying much for the State of NY, now is it?

The current rumblings of discontent notwithstanding, I'd still wager DeBlasio get re-elected at last once. Maybe Shelly Silver will run for mayor. Or Skelos. Either one would be a perfect match for the City.


Anonymous said...

Kinda makes R.I.N.O twerps like Pataki and Guliani (sp?) seem like Knights in Shining Armor doesn't it? God help us!

Anonymous said...

Lets pray they don't agree to bury the hatchet. The only place they could agree to bury it would be in the backs of upstate New Yorkers. It is much more likely they need to meet to get their story straight before the guy who took out Silver tries to take them out for their high crimes and felonies.

Anonymous said...

Dumb and dumber...crooked and more crooked. The Democratic party has become a disaster. They have to get on the same page, jail time may await for Andy.

dajeep said...

If Handy Andy would get jail time, his beloved one Sara Lee could bake him a cake with a hacksaw blade in it.