Sunday, December 20, 2015

Football Sunday....Shootie and I at Odds Again

      Was that Giant game exciting or what....Crushing end after the 28 point comeback, and now all New Yorkers can rally around the 9-5 JETS as they try to make the playoffs.
       This evening I stopped at Shooties to let him know it was nothing personal that I was rooting against his Steelers. He said he understood and was doing the same against the JETS last night.
        The Steelers, JETS and Chiefs are competing for the two wild card spots and NY holds no tied breakers.
        Super Bowl L is nearing....Panthers-Pats ?  Or a more eclectic choice. An all green Bowl with the Eagles and JETS.
News from The Associated Press


Anonymous said...

Typical NY Giant ending.. This franchise is all about losing withits phony superstars.. Years and years of self made , fanatic raised superstars who cant perform.. Eli Manning was a loser the minute he was drafted and his attitude of (my daddy wants me to be in NY)and demaning a trade..Beckum Jr and his party boy showboat cant perform in the bigtime ...One catch in NY and your famous...Hes a freak with large hands and stickum on his mitts.. Great coach but sattled with phonies like the above.

Anonymous said...

You amaze me mayor.. Rally around the Jets no way.. NY fans are rallying around Beckam and Eli and condone the young mans behavior.. Reminds me of another Giant superstar known as LT.. Drugged up at gametime and felt no pain. Todays NFL would have found a way to get rid of Mr Taylor before his fame. Still a druggie and now a druggie and rapist along with other things.. Yup.. Beckam and Taylor and all the other phonies get the attention but the Jets do the job..