Friday, December 11, 2015

WDT: "Everyone is a Winner"

       If you win, it's a great program. If not, well, you carry on.
       The three regions grabbing the extra money in the Upstate Initiative were Finger Lakes (Rochester), Southern Tier(Binghamton) and Central (Syracuse). They willl each receive an extra $500M in incentives over five years. 
        The message from the Second Floor is "everyone's a winner" in Governor Cuomo's competition, dubbed by critics the "upstate hunger games."
        The Regional Council concept is supposed to create a locally based means of setting priorities for state funding.  Representitives for the regions go to the Hart Theater in The Egg for the announcements and numerous ovations for the Governor and a group picture.
      There is a lot spent on the show including a catered reception.


dajeep said...

Yup, everyone's a weiner.Tell that to the employees of the Muller yogurt plant in Batavia,NY. Their shutting down because the company was sold to someone else. And this comes after Mario's idiot son gave them tax breaks, etc. But one positive thing that came out of this. After debate and being made official by Handy Andy, Yogurt is now the official snack of NYS.

Anonymous said...

You children and grand children are the losers in all of this.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone at the Johnson's Weakly Reader aware that all this gift money came from the taxpayers to begin with. As usual, they are front row and scantily thought out cheerleaders.

Anonymous said...

Let's see.
Who helped us the most in getting the biggest piece of the pie?
Addie. No. Hdck, she's in the majority. Oh, so is Cuomo. Hmm.
Patty. No, but would like a photo op anyway.
Blankenbush? Who?
Mrs. McDougall? No. She's a no show and didn't know there was $ available.

Thanks, team. Instead of a piece of the pie we got oyster cracker crumbs.

Anonymous said...

This is absolute horsesh##! Thinking we all have to compete and grovel for crumbs aka our taxdollars being returned by the MiniMee

The entire upstate NY economy has crumbled due to over regulations from our corrupt pols. in Albany administration after administration of Democrats.

On WDT online wonderful pictures pointing out the crumbling towns or the worst towns in the entire State right here smack in Jefferson County.

Like the Buffalo billion now being investigated by Preet, these or our monies were somewhat directed where Cuomo believes the Democrats have a more positive direction to control their boots on the neck libtards.

Wakeup folks, over 1 million New Yorkers have fleed our State in the last decade or so.

Anonymous said...

Deede & Hubby Lifesaver sure got the royal kick in the a##, what nothing to bring home to grease the skids for the next election?

Anonymous said...

So nice of them to give away money they extorted out of businesses. All part of their war on capitalism.

Anonymous said...

9:41, thank you for your on the money post. We don't seem to care that millions of our young people have to leave. We haven't cared in two generations. Party liners get jobs with no problem. The other kids, not so much.