Thursday, December 3, 2015

Everybody Looking to Find Out More About the Dater Turned Mother Turned Killer

        There's not a lot of people I know named Tashfeen Malik, but for those with that name, today's  a tough day on social media.  One such Tashfeen took to Facebook to plead people leave her alone.
The link here is to the woman with the same name, not the real one.
       Social media and jumping to conclusions go hand in hand.
        Meanwhile the real Tashfeen Malik, who was part of the CA shooting, apparently met her husband on a dating site. Women can't drive in Saudi Arabia, but can date on-line ?
        Was she a Manchurian dater looking for an in to America, or did this develop since then. A lot will be revealed through social media.
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Anonymous said...

"A lot will be revealed by social media." Yup, you're right. But not much will be revealed by mainstream media. Despite the fact this is yet another example of peaceful immigrants from islamland killing a bunch of innocents, we have to remain focused on the real cause, duh gun. If only we had common sense gun laws like they do in France.

Anonymous said...

All that really matters about her is that she was a terrorist and she is good and properly DEAD! The rest is irrelevant.

Max Volume said...

Now, wait a hot minute here folks! Not only is it LEGAL to mosey over to the middle east and snag yourself a bride, but she can stay here as long as you plan on marrying her. Any talk of terrorism or having connections to ISIS will NOT be tolerated, and YOU can be thrown in jail for being "racist."