Monday, December 7, 2015

Effort Afoot to Scrap Sunday Morning Temperance

   In response to Buffalo Bills football, a western NY lawmaker has proposed getting rid of the long obsolete prohibition on the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages prior to noon on Sundays.
    During a recent Bills game from London, restaurants and bars in the Queen City were unable to entertain fans on Sunday morning.
    Routinely, restaurants wanting to serve brunches and mimosas either have to turn away customers or look the other way, a risky course of action in "if you hear something, say something" America.
     The Legislature would do well to roll back the ban to match the 8AM on the other days.
      A few years back stores were allowed to sell beer and wine before noon after pressure from campers, boaters and golfers.
      Obviously the ban is a post Prohibition tip of the hat to churches, who perhaps felt it would be unfair competition. Not so. My experience is faith and the Devil's Brew are not mutually exclusive.


Anonymous said...

If you keep pruning the liquor laws down, soon there will be much less need for all the state employees who enforce those laws. Then what?
Nooooo...we can't have that. Lets keep things the way they are. Maybe pass a new law instead.

Anonymous said...

I agree one hundred and fifty percent. Any law over 10 years old should be reviewed and any constitutional ammendments such as the second ammendment should be re-written to suit the times.
Today with the new police staqe we live in we can no longer feel free to speak, we cant video a police officer doing their job (*wonder why police border patrol ect do illegal searches all the time and our phony government allow it... Yup we need to go through our constitution and update it. Once done will be called the USSA

Anonymous said...

We all need to go back to having a flask in your shirt pocket.

Anonymous said...

Should be a relief to JeffCo sheriffs getting off shift.

otherwords1 said...

Do you honestly think a lot of people would rather go for a Sunday Morning Drink than go to a religious service? Seems like you might be acting on your own guilt to allow this.
Having Sunday be a day "off" was, and still is, in respect to people who DO believe in God and belong to Church where they go to worship GOD on Sunday.
Once it was Christianity that United our Country. Now that greed has become a competing norm, our society seems to be finding ways to try and worship THIS.
Your wanting alcohol being able to be served on Sunday mornings is yet another form of disrespect of those that do believe in God.
For those who do not believe, it isn't enough to have God separated from Public School expressions or the eliminations of the blue laws that conceded to your unbelief. Now you have to find even more ways of bringing in your disrespect of the belief in God as a "norm" we must go by.
You know, the satisfaction and concern with self only is the biggest separating fact that has cause almost all suffering in our country AND the world. Consider that when you want to knock it down yet another notch.
Maybe you might try going back to actually LEARN a little of the faith you obviously misunderstood as a boy. You might find out there is something more than the loneliness you must experience.