Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dry Town Narrowly Approves the Devil's Brew- POLITICO

         By a vote of 536 to 506 the Town of Neversink in Sullivan County has gone wet, 80 years after it banned the Devil's Brew.  A separate measure to allow store sales is undecided pending absentee counting.
        There are eight other totally dry towns in New York State and several others partially dry. The vote shows how precarious the repeal of Prohibition would be if it were on the ballot.
           Neversink is a town of roughly 3500 located in the Catskills. Neversink voted itself dry in 1935, two years after Prohibition ended. The story is a man stumbled out of a tavern and was run over by a car, so the knee jerk reaction was to ban booze.
        Imagine owning a business after the repeal of the 21st Amendment and then a town government puts you under on a whim that would last 80 years.
Pop the corks: Neversink no longer is dry | OLITICO

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Anonymous said...

I lived in a Texas town that went wet after two generations of dry rule. It was fun to watch. It was the college freaks against the Jesus freaks. The main opposition came from a wet enclave about 6 miles down the road. Petitions were stolen and destroyed. Bloody cars parked on church property. The college folks sponsored nude concerts. Lots of crazy all around. I'm glad I got to see it. History.