Friday, December 11, 2015

Dean Skelos and son guilty in corruption case - NY Daily News

      Two down, one to go ?  Is that what Preet Bharara is gunning for ?

      A conviction of former Senate chief Dean Skelos and his son is another notch in the holster for the new Sheriff of Albany.

       What is going on is the criminalization of politics, as getting a kid a job is like standard fare. How many of Mike Long's kids got jobs under Pataki.

        The problem is making it too obvious....too egregious.

         The Skelos deal involved a clearly no-show gig in a venue that had matters before the state.

   The Skelos lad had no rationale for being hired and they did way too much on the phone.

         There's a reason Deep Throat came to a parking lot with no microphones and cameras around. But today everything is on tape or on-line. 

        And if your kid can't find a job....let him live at home.

Dean Skelos and son guilty in corruption case - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Getting a job for political and family buddies is not a new thing. Even here, in today's Johnson Weakly Reader group, they honored 20-40 somethings who secured jobs in the public sector. Serving as an Executive Direct of a non profit is not the sign of success as a young career person. But that doesn't stop the WDT from gushing over such privileged individuals. Every one of them got their jobs through patronage and eye winking connections. The youngest, a young lady from Chaumont, works for the Miracle Network. Gee, I wonder how they made that hire? We have endured a lifetime of economic stagnation here in NY. The result is hand out jobs for the well connected. We've grown accustomed to such behavior.

Anonymous said...

Neither party is exempt. The place is cesspool of corruption

Anonymous said...

I agree with 842 and now start looking at who accepted money from these felons for their re-elections and who was hired in our local politicans offices due to influence from Skelos, Libeos and Silver .. Who took money for their own re-elections and did they return it.. Accepting such things from felons could be costly..