Friday, December 4, 2015

Dating Site "Ji-Hotty" a Fan of Isis

     Looking like it was the little lady who was the lead in putting together the husband and wife team that terrorized America this week, lilling 14 in a spree in San Bernadino, CA.
     Tashfeen Malik is said to have pledged allegiance to Isis although that doesn't mean the killings were directed by the terror group. It does suggest motive and that Malik may have snared a US mate to become a sleeper.


Anonymous said...

Now if I were one of those white feminist progressive member of the donkeys I would be highly offended that the media and the WH wish to make Jihadi Jane to take the blame for this terrorist act.

What could she not possibly like about America?

That females think it is a privilege and right
to abort/kill babies up till their delivery date.

The females can accuse all our young sons rapists just because they can until proven guilty, you know that it is there right.

That females can call rape on university grounds just as UVA.

Doesn't she like the fact that a female sitting Senator as in Senator Gillibrand will invite as a special guest a mattress carrying skan# to a State of the Union address.

Doesn't she like that hubby Jihidi John was taking 2nd place to the illegals coming across our southern border and she had to wait her turn to come into the country legally. You know she had to wait the Dept. Homeland Security clearance approval.

Maybe she doesn't like that she has to pay money for Obamcare and their deductibles were raised. Offended that she had to copay for females birthcontrol pills.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the GOP on halting not only all syrian refugee but any and all refugees that come from the middle east period. So the NSA still wants all our internet postings, bank records,credit card purchases, medical records for STDs, to promote that it is the white American male that become home grown terrorists, yet no one is tracking any of these under the radar individuals, way to go Obama!

We need to account for all individuals in the USA including all illegals and send them packing. I'm sure that the families of the 14 slain Americans and the 21 wounded pretty much don't give a damn of the feelings of anyone else and breaking up families who send their kids across the border.

Send all home that do not belong here. Change the naturalization laws, no medical, and no education for any non Americans.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't see sound like the young jihiad girlfriend that blew herself up 2 weeks ago in Paris. She slu##ed herself with the pics of she in the tub with suds and then was she forced to put on the veil?

Was this female so anti western female values and that is why she turned terrorist. Was she a stayed at home mom or did she work, if she did dwork did she get her family time that was paid for by the taxpayers. Maybe that is why she went off not enough benefits she felt she was entitled to. No more car payments to that finance company.

Anonymous said...

This is truly a shock. Who woulda thought this could have been a muslim terrorist. Obamas press release a day ago, delivered via the golf course, was about a poor jihadist who was experiencing workplace violence, thus he was forced to kill a bunch of folks. Today's story from media blamed, believe it or not, post partum depression. I was all ready to swallow that one. I feel for women and so far women are the ones who suffer from that malady. Now, the FBI, which apparently is not as well wired as our golf course man, blames it on islamic terrorism. Though the Liar in Chief can't seem to bring himself to admit that either. He's still stuck on Bernie's story, global warming. Hill is more sensible. She blames it on a lack of jobs. Tune in tomorrow for the story of the moment. And to think, I was ready to go all gushy over that first puke, workplace violence.

dajeep said...

You got that dead knutz, right on 3:46 PM. These baskerds come here and DEMAND all the Free$tuff. Go on FaceBook and look up Front Page/ South Buffalo News, just a small local paper. Scroll down a bit and look for The Right Side, by Bud Schroeder. Hits it pretty good this week.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The FBI says Malik posted her "loyalty oath" to ISIS on-line with an Anonymous name, but that she never received any acknowledgment back from them ... there appears to be no cyber trail back to her from them on that one aspect.

Maybe more later - that's the problem with these things ... it takes time to close the loop as they say gathering all facts based on leads and hard evidence.

Let's face it, it is easy to rush to conclusions when emotions are running at full bore like now.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with all this, Dan, is your leader is a dishonest spin doctor who can't for the life of him tell the truth. Dan, the man's a traitor. And if you weren't so closely connected with the pretend president you would admit it. I did enjoy your Monday call, claiming this was workplace violence. You say it takes time to figure things out, but you came up with that right away. As far as this post of your claiming there is "no cyber trail", wrong again. The FBI has released info that when these murderers were in Saudi Arabia, they were in direct contact with known terrorists. Why do you insist on this spin program of yours?