Monday, December 7, 2015

Daily News: Shelly Confident, But Regardless of Him the Sale of Albany Goes On

    In Albany news, former Speaker Silver is said to be taking his conviction in stride, confident he can win on appeal.

    Meanwhile Albany as usual goes on. The News reports NYSUT, the powerful teachers union, spent $14.4 M in a recent twelve month reporting period on lobbying and support of political groups like the WFP who support their agenda.

     That's just a little part of the lobbying pool. Makes Shelly's issues look kinda small.

Sheldon Silver expects to win on appeal: sources - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to bribes coming from the golf course is only the evil Koch brothers we need to censor when it comes to political spending.

Anonymous said...

Smelly is probably right. He's had a hand in appointing most of the judges that will hear the case. The NY stench is America's finest. Vote party line.

Anonymous said...

Thats another change thats necessary to help clean up Albany.. If convicted like Libeos and Silver they go to prison and if there is an appeal its done from prison just like us average Joes.

dajeep said...

An appeal? Sheldon Slither looks like he has a foot on a banana peel already.

Anonymous said...

dajeep, I hope you are right, but I doubt it. When you own all the judges, anything is possible. This is NY. We've made this a one party state for a long time. We all live on a golf course, per se. Enjoy what you've done, and when you retire, make plans to leave. Screw the kids. We got ours.