Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Crimson: Another Harvard Grad to Consider

     There will be a couple of Harvard grads on our ballot next year. One is of course our MOC, and the other is Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President. Ms Stein is a long time activist and she will appear on Line E on the NY ballot. As a 1973 grad, Ms. Stein hardly qualifies as a tyro.


Anonymous said...

Has Ralph Nader passed on the batton to this Ms. Stein.

If I were the Green commie baker I would be offended. He could primary Ms. Stein and let the best man duke it out.

Anonymous said...

Well at least she's qualified Jeff. ;)

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Graham,
Check out what Juleanna Glover has to say about our MOC in Fortune Magazine!!!!!

Anonymous said...

8:20 You are damn right she is qualified as in our current Representative. We all have known this, including our good Mayor here that paid the price.

What are the chances that a 30yr old female Republican will attain this office better than another 65-70 yr. old woman pretty damn high. It's never going to happen for Hillary, and surely not this green candidate since Hillary will dig out the dirty sexual history of this candidate. Here's hoping that the woman is a born again lesbian maybe had an abortion or two therefore Hillary will be unable to trash her.

As far as our current Rep. she did state that she would only be a Congresswoman for a few terms. Will she be running against our current Senator or does she first get a high profile position in the next administration.

She just returned from a recent trip from the Middle East, yesterday accoring to her facebook page and if you watch the hearing she sat on was regarding the issue of our current President ignoring the rise of ISIS. Seems to me that she might be aware of how Congress is going to leapfrog over this President, that's if he doesn't fire the current General for stating what we all know that ISIS is Not Contained!

Possibility we are going to see the fast track rise of Stefanik. She is exceeding our expectations of the peoples business and more importantly the Dems. are washed up as a party for the next 20+ years unless they get the illegals the right to vote.

Anonymous said...

If she can create and maintain good jobs I'll vote for her.

Anonymous said...

If she can bring jobs to our district I'd vote for her!