Friday, December 11, 2015

Competition for Tom and Jerry

     A former Paddock Club customer came in today insisting I give him the recipe for hot buttered rum from the Arcade spot when Sarah and I ran it.
     A test of my brain cells and no recollection. I texted Sarah who remembered the concoction as a recipe from DPW Superintendent Gene Hayes.    So I called him and here it is.

    For the base batter
    1 cup butter and one cup brown sugar heated for seven minutes, not to boiling but close.

    Fold in two cups of vanilla ice cream. Maybe a little extra vanilla extract if that suits you.

    This can be frozen or just refrigerated if not used right away.
     For the drink, heat a coffee mug and put a quarter cup of the batter in, along with your choice of rum or rums.  (Maybe spiced or a dark rum for variety)
     Then fill with hot water and garnish with cinnamon, nutmeg or whatever suits you.

      That's the DPW Hot Buttered Rum.  Copyright 2015


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Anonymous said...

If Gene Hayes is for it, I'm for it too. Good man. Hope he and his family are doing well.