Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WDT:College Prez Say Students Distressed by Rebel Flags in NNY

   Seeing Confederate flags flying in the community surrounding SUNY Potsdam is "distressing" students according to the college president.
    “Many of our students are distressed when they go out into the larger community and see confederate flags hanging,” President Kristin Esterberg said. “Those are larger conversations that those of us who live here and work here and are rooted in this community, and who love this community, these are conversations that we need to have among ourselves, said Ms .Esterberg.
Students Demonstrate (Photo WDT)
    Meanwhile students demonstrated again this week claiming they run the college because they pay tuition and they are not happy with the lack of action by college brass to the seething hate on campus after the discovery of a third undisclosed nasty note to a professor.
     The college says it has added security.
      You gotta read the quotes in this story to get a feel for how surreal this has all become. Who's flying the Stars and Bars up there ?


dajeep said...

I'm distressed also. That these so-called "students" have all this time to waste instead of attending classes and studying. Just some krap to keep the BS going.

Anonymous said...

These poor poor kids, Anyone recall George Wallace? What party was he affiliated with?????

KKK Bryd Representative from the good old south was a staunch defender of keeping the blacks in chains.

LBJ another whiteboy Democratic Leader known for his disdain of blacks. "We will give them civil rights so that they will vote the Democrat LIne for the next 100 years" President Lincoln was no lover of the Southern Democrats that wanted to keep the slaves in chains working the fields on the planation and not inside the white master's house. What party did not wish to school or educate the blacks?

This is why the schools are no longer teaching US history.Very interesting that these kids have been forced fed in schools to learn fanciful history lessons. One needs to look no further than Bill Clinton and his 1st lady when they he was the Gov. of Arkansas.

Sad, very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

They pay tuition...with our tax dollars.
Meanwhile...any updates on the trial of the black man who killed the white kid in Potsdam?

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how many 'protester' all over the country are actually from those communities and schools, etc.

Anonymous said...

Those poor, poor babies. My daughter attended Potsdam 15 years ago. It was a moron magnet back then and obviously things haven't changed much.

Oh, IF and when the United States of America ever returns to being the United States of America, I'll fly the Stars and Stripes again. I refuse to sully the flag by flying it over whatever it is this country has currently become. My choice. Everyone else is free to make their own decision.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they are setting the stage for a new law,passed in the dead of night of course,that makes it illegal for private citizens to fly the confederate flag on their property due to it's offensive connotation.

Anonymous said...

People get over it . Its not like the old days when your grand parents had to sit at the back of the bus was called the N word all the time and pick cotton. Stop trying to start things that's not there. You think for some reason you have more rights by crying about little things and making racism out of everything you don't like. Poor me it must be nice to blame being black on everything in your life that goes wrong.Ive seen people get fired because they sucked at there job and the first thing they say is you did it because im black. No it would not matter if you were green you sucked at your job that's why you got fired. Ive seen jobs given out to people because of a quota of having enough blacks in the jobs that went on in the 70s.It must be nice to use your color when you want to bitch about something or start things up over nothing . or riot and steal things over a race issue.