Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Brings Out Good Feelings in a Time of Change.

   The process of ending twenty years as Mayor continued Monday night with kind words and commaderie. Councilwoman Roxanne Burns and I ended our tenure with City Council with applause and thanks from colleagues and those in attendance.
    Afterwards, many retired to Pete's for a party with my favorite food, sliders.  There were gifts and conversation and the peaceful transition played out.
    The new Council will build their legacy as out legacy plays out. 
     In remarks , I told the crowd it's not about a list of accomplishments, but its about a team effort that leave the City better off than when you started.
      My last meeting went well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jeff.
A great job and hopefully those remaining will remember your hard work and hopefully some of your insight and professionalism will drift to your right and fill those two remaining candidates..

Anonymous said...

Changes like this are bitter-sweet, but you are wise and young enough to know how to embrace the proper positive outlook. Congratulations and enjoy...
Oh revoir.