Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cable crews' live airing from San Bernardino shooters' house triggers criticism

    I never expected the terrorists home to be open to film crews only two days after the shootings that killed 14.......The FBI guy said they had gotten what they needed and the landlord invited everyone in.
Media Just About Beats the Door Down
    Even though the occupants are deceased, if the rent was paid, should the landlord have invited everyone in while personal effects were there ?
    As a former news man I thought it strange, but as a viewer of cable news, I found it interesting.
Cable crews' live airing from San Bernardino shooters' house triggers criticism


Anonymous said...

I thought it was cool. Cool that the owner had the confidence to enter the property he owns, based on knowing that the tenants are no longer going to hold up their end of the lease. And cool the reporters went inside with him.

dajeep said...

This muslim s#!t on the news constantly is playing right into their hand. Lots of free publicity on the MSM. Report the news, don't make it into a circus.

Anonymous said...

732.. Imagine when the relatives of the couple claim this or that are stolen and destroyed. They are entitled to due process as they are guilty of nothing. You know,, the Gmother they left the child with... Landlord should have consulted a lawyer on a legal eviction process. Thats our country.. due process

Anonymous said...

8:47, due process is when any stupid bogus claims by you donkey types needs to be proven. And it needs to be proven that anything stolen or destroyed was not done by the FBI. If you cannot prove that then you got nothin'. Meanwhile the owner still has a right to enter the apartment...and that is what he did.

tpc4545 said...

That whole deal with the reporters going in a terrorist cell after ONLY 72 hrs STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! But then again, when we have a Muslim pResident in office I'm not a bit surprised!