Monday, December 21, 2015

Bush: Trump is a Jerk

      With 45 days till anyone votes, anything can happen but its increasingly apparent Jeb Bush is flailing. This weekend Mr. Bush called frontrunner Donald Trump a "jerk", something not usually done by the serious and one time presumptive nominee.
      This morning the talking heads are talking about the race as two people. Trump and Cruz, with Chris Christie the dark horse who could emerge in NH.
       It's a brawl and anything can happen but as 2015 ends, the message is the old arguments don't hold and "returning to the norm" is not part of the equation. Whether it is in 2016 is an open question.


Anonymous said...

Calling Trump a jerk is an act of desperation. Sure Trump is a jerk. Just like Obama, Hillary and Bourney are jerks. Maybe if Jeb were a bigger jerk, he would have had a chance.

Anonymous said...

Bush feels a little like our local politican wannabe Doheny.. He felt from the begining he was the intitled one but found out quite soon the people didnt like him let alone trust him.His numbers are so low he couldnt possibly win but like his brother he will lawyer up and try to change the legal system to suit himself.

NY21inMD said...

The Republican Party is what's wrong with this country. They are deeply divided, they alienate major voting blocs and are incapable of putting forward a coherent agenda. They have the biggest majority in the House since the 1920s (albeit earned largely through gerrymandering and voter suppression laws), yet it takes Democratic votes to pass critical legislation promoted by Republican leaders. It seems an even bet that there will be a third party candidate in 2016, either Donald Trump or an establishment candidate to protect down ballot candidates if Trump wins. Perhaps the Republican Party will present a credible opposition after Hillary's second term.

Anonymous said...

Our own area is an example of the Republican parties failure.. They are popular people Balanenbush, Ritchie, Griffo but what gets acomplished.. Tax breaks for the Rich.. It took the Democrats to put together a deal in Massena to keep people working.. Soon as it was put together the Republcian hounds started houling foul and the idiots that blog here about Democrats started their nonsence.. If these three were replaced we would see much improvement up here everywhere.. Of course that wont happen because our Addie haters want a smiling canidate to promise the world, then go represent us in the minority of the Assembly.

Anonymous said...

NY21 is dead on. The republican party is a mess. And it's because of that mess that a lowlife, liar, scumbag like Hillary Clinton can glide into the White House. There are no good choices. A legitimate crook like Mrs. Clinton is the front runner. Sad state we live in.

Anonymous said...

That's great stuff, NY21inCushyGovmentJob. From the way you keep puking out the same nonsense, I'm thinkin' you must play a lot of golf too. If I were you, and my future depended on more government spending and taxation, I too would fall in love with the Donkey.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is an even bigger jerk. That's why she'll be our next president. :D

Anonymous said...

If Trump is a jerk in his eyes what must his brother be.
His top aides exposed an undercover CIA agent to silence critics

-- Lies, deception and coverups to push the war in Iraq

-- Convicted of drunk driving. Lied repeatedly to cover up his arrest.

-- Lying under oath. Bush & staff stop investigation of contributor's huge funeral home company.

-- Avoided Vietnam and Skipped Out on his National Guard Service

-- Texas government corruption: State $$ for campaign funders & business cronies

-- Cocaine: felony drug use, vile hypocrisy, and a hushed up arrest?

-- His "young and irresponsible" behavior: sex, drugs and (gasp!) rock and roll?

-- Thin skinned: censors his critics with police, lawyers, $$$

-- Character: Spoiled rich kid living off his family's name and reputation

-- Made millions on insider business deals, for little work
-- -- Deal #1. Personal Profits from Failing Oil Companies
-- -- -- -- Easy Money From Odd Sources
-- -- -- -- A Surprise Deal From Bahrain
-- -- -- -- Access to the President and National Security Adviser for his foreign business partner
-- -- Deal #2. Selling Oil Stocks Just Before Iraq Invaded: lucky guess or illegal insider trading?
-- -- Deal #3. A Big Slice of a Baseball Team
-- -- -- -- Hypocrisy: using government coercion to make his private fortune

Anonymous said...

4:06, did all these "events" come to you in a dream or something? The baseball puke was particularly funny. Play some golf and relax. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

MRS. Clinton should be president hell all the men in the last four elections screwed this country up so bad maybe there is a need for a change. YOU guys have to put you're manhood in the front pockets of your pants and think with brain. I know it will be hard for you to do but it has to be done. The man club can't seem to do the job right for this country give the girl a shot at it .Many other countries have and its worked for them.

Anonymous said...

Bush is unelectable. Time to go back to managing the family fortune.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton AIN'T Margret Thatcher, 9:11, and if you think she is what this country needs..............................God help you.

If she was, she would already have been President 8 years ago instead of getting beat out by a little known Chicago thug molded into something he isn't by George Soros and Bill Ayers. If she was even half of what you seem to think she is, half of the republicans in this country would vote for her, too, instead of making an ass of themselves mooning over Trump in their desperate search for somebody, ANYBODY, who might actually know what they are doing.

This country needs an abrupt turn-around from where we are now going, but neither Trump nor the Hildebeast is going to do it for us.

Anonymous said...

Trump uses the Yiddish word 'schlong' when referring to how Hillary got beat by Obama... more as an onomatopoeia than as it's meaning of 'penis', and suddenly he's an ass in the eyes of the media.

Obama calls half of Congress 'tea-baggers' (an even more explicitly sexualized term), and is met with chuckles and giggles by that same media.

Some things never change.