Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are All Men In The Room Tainted ? | New York Post

    Silver convicted and Skelos on trial. Could be very soon that two of the three men in the room for many years will be felons. The third man was the Governor...Different ones over the years. Were Governors past and present just idle bystanders who knew nothing of the ways of Albany ?

Why Silver’s guilty verdict should make Cuomo very worried | New York Post


Anonymous said...

Cuomo is guilty of the same things. His non-wife gets free private jet rides courtesy of the tax payers. She is not legally entitled to that because they are not married and therefore it is a crime for him to get them for her. No different than if they filed their taxes as being married...its illegal.

Dede and Darrel get no show jobs, courtesy of Cuomo. We all wink and nod and say that's okay and its "just a political patronage job". But if you use the same interpretation of federal laws that were used to convict Silver, Cuomo is every bit as guilty.

Middle-Class Mike said...

The everyone does it fall back positions of corrupt politicians on the take has even jaded voters expectations of what we can expect from our elected officials in office. U. S. Attorney General for Manhattan's Southern district Preet Bharara was often maligned and accused of being politically motivated in his efforts to clean up Albany, NY. Politicians in Albany on both sides of the aisle defended Silver and Skelos so ardently that we can only surmise that there are a lot more than just, 'A few bad apples' in the New York Assembly and the Senate.

I wouldn't discount an indictment coming towards Gov. Cuomo before Preet's investigations close down. Let's face it Gov. Cuomo prided himself in calling all the shots in Albany, NY and obviously new Silver and Skelos were damaged goods.

Gov. Cuomo let it continue to take place under his watch. Assemblywoman Addie Russell refused to see Silver for what he was as Assembly Speaker. A greedy woman hating tyrant, who enjoyed woman being humiliated by the likes of Vito Esposito, etc.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Well the next wannabe Schneidernman has big shoes to fill.

Andy Cuomo
David Patterson
Eliott Spitzer
George Pataki
The father Mario Cuomo
Hugh Carey

Yup, all out of the same mold.

This ain't Kansas, this is New York State, the most corrupt state in the country.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to say if the sleazebag NY politicians are just criminals because they shake down businesses trying to get around our onerous law, or if the politicians have actually put said laws on the books, as an attempt to elicit said payoff's.

Most of these kickbacks and payoffs would never happen in any other state, because no other state has such absurd anti-business laws to begin with.

It appears that the actual residents and business people who try and slog it out in NY are little more than innocent bystanders to the collusion and corruption brought about by these dirt bags.

Anonymous said...

11:14 Flynn's at what point do you expect RUSSEL to respond. Addie has shown no moral courage to call out the current presidential candidate of her party with the sleeziest sexual predator husband that both Addie and the candidate choose to remain silent on. How many fellow democrat females has William Jefferson Clinton enjoyed victimizing?

She had better think twice campaigning with Hillary or any other female fellow member of her party.

rick aldrich said...

And yet, there are people in this neck of the woods, who believe that only Republicans are corrupt. Democrats are to be idolized, "for the people"..

Anonymous said...

Have the dominoes have begun to fall? Or was Dean the scapegoat for Andy to walk away scott free.