Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WDT: An Endorsement Lost in the Hustle and Bustle of Holiday Cheer

     It's no surprise the retired Democratic MOC would endorse the Democrat running in NY-21 but I don't see the timing as beneficial for Bill Owens to put out a release saying he supports Mike Derrick, the retired colonel who will take on Rep. Elise Stefanik and Green Matt Funiciello next year.
     I saw Mr. Owens in Albany last week. He was working the crowd for the law firm he now works for.
      Actively working for a long shot candidate doesn't further his job efforts, so getting the perfunctory endorsement out of the way the week before Christmas satisfies his party obligation.


Anonymous said...

There goes the theory out the window, that he isn't even a democrat, and only registered to run for the seat. The seat he had to quit before suffering an embarrassing loss. He can't be moderate in the least if he won't support the current moderate Harvard Gal.
Hope the excuse he used for quitting of "...spending more time with my family", is working out for him.

Anonymous said...

If you remember Mr Owen's term in congress, you will also see that he spent most of his time under Nancy Pelosi's desk. Not sure if he had a custom collar or not. But he was fully owned. Obamacare, that was your gift from that happy union.

Anonymous said...

Typical actions by Owens, he plays anything and everyone to benefit himself for his future income. He didn't accomplish one thing for our party while 'representing NY21'.

Graham is dead on that the timing is so suspect that no one will pay any attention to the endorsement a few days before Christmas. Meanwhile the latest Schumuck, if he is being advised by Owens can't see how he is being used. He wasted valuable years as a do nothing Rep. cating to the establishment moderate Nancy and did nothing to advance our values.

Another lousy candidate put forth to be used by the establisment as a placecard holder.

Anonymous said...

Danny F, here is your chance, you need to primary this tepidly endorsed candidate before Addie steps in. Great opportunity since he is unable to raise any interest and recogniation by big names in NY, Cuomo, Schummer and Gillibrand. As we all know Owens's endorsement means nothing, it didn't help Woolfman did it? Only thing he has in common with Owens is that he has changed his party affiliation more than Owens ever did. That has to stick in your craw.

You of all people know that he either had to be promoted up or forced out.

Anonymous said...

9:14 Agree, Used and abused by the Blues.


Anonymous said...

Hey I want to know where is Owens and the guy he endorsed outrcry to Obama illegally releasing 5 senior terrorist from Hotel Gitmo for the deserter Bergdhal.

FIVE of our men/soliders were killed on patrol looking for this piece of crap.

Oh, that's right maybe if it is not brought up people will forget.
Way to go Mikey D your silence is heard by many.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who spent so much private time with Nancy is either crazy or highly, highly motivated. 11:54 is on it. Our man Dan could caboose along if this Donkey wins. I wish him luck. Hey, it's Christmas and we all have our wishes.

Seriously Dan. I do wish you and yours a very nice Christmas.

Anonymous said...

ANONS 10:36 AM and 11:54 AM Bill Owens beat your hero Matt Doheny 3 times, so what does that make your hero Doheny?