Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Fearful Congress Sits Out the War Against ISIS - The New York Times

   They included money in the omnibus budget bill to bomb the s--- out of Isis, but Congress doesn't seem inclined to meet it's basic Constitutional duty to be the body that commits the nation to war.
    In 1973 the War Powers Act was passed to constrain ambitious Presidents who commit to things on the fly in the modern age. But Congress wants it both ways nowadays, as they demure from being on the record. 
    After all , votes for the Iraq war are now being second guessed, and who wants that ?
A Fearful Congress Sits Out the War Against ISIS - The New York Times


Anonymous said...

Congress doesn't do much of anything, except bend over for the King. If they acted on anything at all, they'd be racist. No can do.

Anonymous said...

It is the leftards that want it both ways. They will argue every day in the faculty lounge, that the War Powers Resolution is unconstitutional and they will argue that Obama is within his powers to enact sweeping executive order after executive order. But now suddenly they want Congress to have the power and the authority over fighting ISIS. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

1:45, you're right. But as long as so many believe Donkey crap, it won't make much difference.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Our Congress, BTW: is the only ones who can declare war, and they have not since December 8, 1941.

And, let's face it - we have been in many huge undeclared wars since (e.g., Korea and VN to name the two biggest with the most losses).

Yet Congress plays politics and screech at the CINC (both sides do it), all the while they dodge their constitutional duty and skip the biggest and most-important step of all.... why is that?

To blame w/o taking responsibility is sickening .. yet we the people apparently do not care -- we suffer from a bad case of apathy and cynicism, too. Over all, pretty disgusting.

Now who are you sending back to Congress.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm. Wasn't it just a few days ago that the Greatest Leader of the Free World to ever hold office that stated 'it's the media that is behind all this hype of the actual threat of ISIS' that in his eyes really isn't that bad.

Ok, so can we get the liberals to finally admit that OBAMA doesn't watch too much cable TV, doesn't visit the military experts until he has a photo op on his one and only visit to the Pentagon in almost 8 years yet Danny is wondering why this Congress won't go along with this fraud at this point in time.

At this point Danny we all have a baddddd case of apathy and cynicism of each and every member of your party including where the buck should stop.

Danny can't admit that our soliders standing guard at the entrance to the WhiteHouse have to play silly mock up salutes and open the doors for robotic andorid that is featured in Star Wars all so Mocheele can tell her leftie Hollywood supporters that she allowed these toys in the White House.

Sorry Dan, I have much more regard and respect for our military personnel than the imposter in the WH and it is sickening what your party has done to our country.

Anonymous said...

Keep them waterworks primed 1112. What with 8 years of Hillary to look forward to? :D

Anonymous said...

Fearful? No. No, no...

Spineless? Yup.

Gutless? Oh yes!

A crash of RINOs expected action? What were we thinking? Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

2:59 Are you speaking of thou? I say and agree with the previous poster, let Obama wallow in his filth.

Hysterically funny that the supposedly ISIS captors that capture the deserter that walked off the post only were interested in whether The President was a homosexual! To funny!