Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Night

      I thought a mouse caught was the problem solved and didn't realize how small animals can make a mess. We think all the access points are blocked and Jet and I are hoping we don't have to invite a cat to join us.
      Went to the dentist today, after a piece of tooth turned up missing. Unlike other medical pursuits, in dentistry there's nothing wrong that money can't solve. Looks like another crown.
      Thursday features a Watertown Trust meeting in the AM and a formal ribbon cutting at the Woolworth Building in the PM. 
     I ran into Sheriff Burns today who was in town on personal business. He looked well.
      I am looking forward to a three day week next week on the HOTLINE and I always look forward to holidays with customers.
      It looks like no snow for the Holiday and that's fine with me.....And finally, with all the hype over Black Friday, I wish I could find something I need to buy.
      Mayor Clyde Rabideau of Saranac Lake and formerly Plattsburgh called today to wish me well and offer some kind words. Classy thing to do.


Moby Dick said...

You would have done likewise Mayor.. Your tenure in office was done honerably and for the good of the city of Watertown not for the good of a few individuals. I seen class in your actions as in your blog just as I noticed this noclass whisper campaign against you this year. I think Mr Butler will do OK but still the city of Watertown will suffer the loss of your outspoken way and manner as they certainly will suffer the loss of your knowledge. You were one of us Jeff not who the WDT and the Johnson or TV seven wanted you to be. You didnt bow to the Doheny crowd like Butler did and you certainly handled defeat graciously. You didnt let Mr Coon run the city like he wanted to and now I only have a prayer Mr butler stands his ground rather than get on his knees to your highness. Mr Demar had a little to do with your defeat but Mr Demar just showed the people of Watertown what real ignorance is all about both as a canidate and an employee . You certainly have nothing to be sorry for Mr Mayor only the people who were instrumental in your defeat will. Its not going to take very long at all for the people of Watertown to know they lost a real mayor and they now have a mayor who will only sit in title only.

Anonymous said...

Very well put 11:16.

Anonymous said...

11:16 speaks for many of us. Thanks Jeff.