Sunday, November 22, 2015

WDT: We're Cutting Back...Leaner, Meaner, All That Stuff

      When its your company you call it restructuring...If you are reporting on someone else's company, it's downsizing, cuts or layoffs.
       It fell to Perry to write the story....Now in all fairness the loss of nine jobs system wide is not that many.  What was interesting was the departure of Timothy Farkas, the fellow brought in a couple years back to jazz up the product.

       I thought there was a difference and it looked better , but Mr. Farkas is back at the Schenectady Daily Gazette.
        I hate to see papers fold, but you can't spend years on end railing against aggregators and blogs when the world is changing.
Watertown Daily Times | Johnson Newspapers undergoes restructuring


Anonymous said...

Is it Perry's job to proof read the paper??? If it is he's not doing it. Sick and tired of repeat articles, endings missing in some, all the HUGE pictures just to take up space.

They've cut out everything that's interesting to read. The currents section or whatever it's called is just giant ads, pictures, and lots of empty white space between the lines.

Don't know how much if anything articles from other papers, and the AP cost. They need to spend something on the content and not just sit back and rake in their paychecks.

Probably 5 years or so ago I would have missed the local paper. Now I could care less. It's obvious no pride is taken in the product they put out.

Yes, I still subscribe. The only thing I really need it for is to start my wood stove.

Anonymous said...

That is the problem about remaking a newspaper to emulate end up with their audience share so you have to make cutbacks to keep the lights on. Too bad they can't remake the Daily Planet to be fair and balanced, like the VERY successful proven model that Fox news adapted. But there are no journalism graduates who could stand to make the proper decision that SUNY Potsdam hate crimes don't belong on the front page and belong in the north country briefs instead.

Well at least Perry and JBJBJB the umpteenth get credit for their convictions, as they are willing to go down with the ship rather than stop printing their silly slant on the news and current events.

Anonymous said...

I still purchase the Sunday paper more out of habit. When I take out all the advertisements, there's nothing much left to read.

Anonymous said...

It is only a matter of time when there will be only one Johnson paper the WDT.. The journal used to be good reading and kept up with local news.. Now I read news first on the mayors blog. They suffer with subscriptions over here in the Ogdensburg area as its really a rag now.l

Anonymous said...

Read the announcement very carefully. It contains a subtle message for the future.

Next development:

A REGIONAL paper. Malone, Massena, Ogdensburg and all the weeklies combined into one-----a sort of USA Today for the North Country. But without the credibility. No more local reporting. No more hard news. Emphasis on design (note "design studio" reference, they've been advertising for designers for weeks.)

Emphasis on the magazines----nice giveaways, but is there a dedicated subscriber base out in the Blue Light, Jenny, curd and cheddar crowd?

Possible abandonment of Malone entirely. They gave up on Saranac, Tupper and Lake Placid a long time ago (oldtimers will remember they had fulltime news bureaus in those locals, before abandoning all but Malone in Franklin County.

Coming soon: The REGIONAL NNY Times published three days----Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. Maybe some sort of throw-away on other days---freebie pennysaver-type rag.

The onetime family of real journalists is a skeleton of its once greatness. Some might remember when they called themselves "Northern New York's one Great Newspaper."

The Times just cannot keep up with the times. Nor can they compete with it. The losers? Its few remaining subscribers, all 18,000 of them (down from 45,000.) The winners? Newzjunky and the Mayor's blog.
NJ is selling ads; the Times is giving them away just to keep up.

So sad. But no tears need be shed for the family. They'll survive but won't really understand what happened. Tsk. Tsk.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to newzjunky!
Today's news today!

Anonymous said...

It's an 8 minute read at best. If the Wall Street Journal had the Jumble I would ditch the WDT. But you can get the Jumble in line so...

Jeff you pick up content from them. What would you rdo lace it from?

Only a matter of time bEcole they go to 3 days a week.

Anonymous said...

Read it in 4 minutes today. No one I knew died or was picked up for DUI. Got everything else I needed from NPR, Newzjunky and here.

What will John the Youngest do with his legacy? Just run NNYCF?

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I can't figure out why someone would wish failure on any business like you people all do on here starting with the implications by the mayor. We struggle for jobs in this area and you folks want to wish them away.

I for one read their content on line and frankly find more current news there and faster than say on Newzjunky who has to wait for WWNY to post something or an out of town source to post it days later.

Come on folks give local people in business a break and get off their backs.

Anonymous said...

7:26 hits the nail right on the head!

A WDT business office employee said at Art's last night she and her colleagues fear losing their retirement benefits as the axe is falling. She said they are already treated as second class citizens.

Little brother who has title but no say in the decisions, she said, is a lost soul. He wanders. He is a victim of big bro's attitude of "knowing it all."

Anonymous said...

They already do. Little bro on the board.
Big bro pulls the strings.
Randy dances. (As did Higgins. As did Velto.

What a tragedy.

Also- No one wishes business failure, 260. It's just commentary on how your family rooster has come home to roost. The hen house is in horrible disrepair. No local contractor can fix it. It will take an out-of-town business to put it back together. Another tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments must be made by those either associated with Newzjunky or those who have found their names in the paper, and not as Shapiro Award winners!

Newzjunky with a big fat Z is very slow in updating their site.
It's old newz by the time they post it. Almost like it is a pastime for a college student. They are like an online version of WDT.

The best that can be said for the site is that it's convenient.

Anonymous said...

Jeffie, here is your opportunity. Set up a time to meet with the old man, I think they could weather the downturn since I believe it started prior to Jr. making Perry the editor.

Perry's & Jrs. views are to progressive for our area.

Payback is a bitch, maybe Mrs. Jr. needs to have a better circle of friends, for that matter Jr. does as well.

Anonymous said...

11:19 first of all, 8:25am I am not a Johnson.

I am a small business owner that frankly cannot tolerate the negativity of the people on here. You and others on here consume yourself with so much negative energy. Tell us how you are serving your community to make it a better place.

I know the mayor and I also know he doesn't like people criticizing the type of business he is in and I support him by opposing it also. Anyone who is investing their time, talents and finances in a locally owned business has my respect.

I am not a Johnson and I do not always agree with them either but I respect the struggle they are in to adapt.

Anonymous said...

They have not stayed in touch with the people of our area. Even letters to the editor are ignored, or edited beyond recognition. You would think they would want open communication with area citizens. I don't understand them.

Anonymous said...

If any of the Johnsons read this blog, and I certainly hope they do, I hope they will understand the underlying messages:
1. The paper isn't what it once was in terms of quality local journalism.
2. Your current editors and staff have no local credibility. You are getting what you pay for.
3.The copy editing is atrocious. Even the untrained eye can find error after error in grammar; the headlines are either extremely dull or off base.
4. Many of your reporters write in "broadcast style." That style is different from newspaper style. Newswriting 101.
5. Despite your blindness (because you don't want to see it) the paper just doesn't have prestige. The days of John Johnson, Sr., Harold Johnson (your grandfather and great grandfather), Gordon Bryant and his team of local editors who knew their communities and their readers are gone. They established prestige with a quality product built up over decades. In less than two decades you have not only let it slide, but you have pushed it down a steep slope.
6. Yes, social media has cut into newspaper circulation figures nationwide. But hardly as drastically as in NNY. Why? See 1-5 above.
7. Newspaper owners and publishers are always rewarded by politicians and local entities with courtesy appointments----Dormitory Authority, DANC, NNYCF, Clarkson, SLU, Syracuse Airport Authority, Library Board, Civilian Aide to the Army boss, and the list goes on and on. Add all those things together and it gives the appearance of "shadow government." Readers recognize and don't like this----in fact, they resent it. That creates animosity toward your family.
8. Don't pooh-pooh all of this. It is not written in jealousy, anger or with malice. It is just reality.

Anonymous said...

If they would end the got-you-stuff. I would buy the paper. But it continues and has for years. My Uncle died in jail. We all know that is a questionable deal. They pulled up every bad thing he was involved in , including grade school, and published it. The he died in jail thing would have been enough. I never bought one again till the other night, and we used it for a Cajun Table Dinner.