Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WDT: Ogdensburg Mayor-elect Finding Out You Have No Privacy for $8K a Year.

     Public life....taking over the reins of city government (well not really), the new mayor in the Maple City gets some publicity for having an infection.
      I remember the time in 1995 when I broke my leg walking the dog and the ER called the Times....Another time I accompanied a friend to the ER who had a dog bite and the press showed up.
      I wish the mayor-elect a speedy recovery, but don't really think his illness is any of my business.
      Watertown Daily Times | Ogdensburg Mayor-elect Ashley hospitalized with infection


Anonymous said...

In defense of the local MSN, you do seem to be about as shy of microphones and cameras, as that Chuck guy who just saved Alcoa.

Anonymous said...

Can't have it both ways..