Sunday, November 22, 2015

WDT: Granger Says You Can't Fight City Hall

       The owner of the Starbuck House blames City Hall for his decision to sell off his collectables and the house they are in. Ronnie Granger says a refusal to change the zoning prevented him from findng a buyer as few want to live in a single family home so large and surrounding propertes are multi-family but allowed under grandfathering.
        He is correct.
         There is a rich history to the recent years at this address, a history best glossed over, but the facts remain a rezoning to "A" was  a political decision in favor of some at the time, and now that's making it difficult to market.
        There will be a price someone may buy it at, but the conudrum is you need substantial resources just to maintain and operate the home.
        However, nothing will be changed and the market will decide. Meanwhile, getting rid of the contents was a good move as the motif didn't necessarily enhance prospects for a sale.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can win but it would be a lot of fun to fight city hall using toilet garden art. If city hall is too stubborn to change their minds, it least you know you are driving the neighbors crazy. The same ones who opposed your reasonable zoning request:

Anonymous said...

That's a real problem in the way things work in this city.

Laws are changed for a select few so they are happy, and never mind everyone else.