Friday, November 20, 2015

WDT: Duve Back in Government at Judge's Clerk...Betcha She Runs for DA

      Every time I see Nicole Duve in a commercial for the Carlisle Law Firm, I sense a political comeback. She is part way back, landing the clerk job for Judge Jerome Richards. She will surely take on Mary Rain, the always-in-the-news-for-the-wrong-reason DA who beat her a couple years back.

      Watertown Daily Times | Former DA Duve named Judge Richards’s law clerk


Anonymous said...

Rain was in the news because the MSN picked on her. Duve struggled with the job of DA in the past.

Rain just brought a gay bench burner to justice and brought charges against a kid who left a threatening hateful letter under a professors door. So that should put her in the good graces of the MSN libs for a while.

Anonymous said...

You seem deluded 8:19 she has been a car wreck since taking the job.So the office prosecutes those two cases,why were those shining examples of anything but standard prosecutions?

Max Volume said...

Dear 8:19
MSN = Microsoft Network
MSM = Main-Stream Media

MSM is ran by a bunch of Liberals who LOVE Obama and would love to help the Democrats take away your freedoms, one by one. MSM will also call you a "racist" because you don't want Syrian refugees in your backyard. MSM will call you a "right-wing lunatic" because you own a firearm or know somebody that does. MSM is Hillary's platform because it's the largest media network that can be used to get their 'progressive" message across to the masses.

On the other hand, I'd confess to a bunch of crimes that I never even did commit so that her "hotness" (Duve) can book me.

Anonymous said...

12:13, Those two prosecutions are shining examples, because they will impress the libtards in the MSM. They were cases that should have been settled with a few hours of community service but were prosecuted to the hilt as hate crimes. That is big bonus points for Rain in the eyes of the libtards.
As far as train wrecks go, there was no bigger one than the unending failed prosecution of Oxley. I know in your mind it doesn't rank up there with swigging from a bottle of champagne, but it should be close.

Anonymous said...

Duve has her own baggage. She does gain cred by being appointed by Richards. He may retire before the next DA election. Does she run for that not.

Duve can beat Rain but will have problems if anyone else runs

The two cases cited does not get Rain any free passes. If she convicts Hillary that would.

Anonymous said...

700.. They should have been settled in the manner you stated. A mentally ill person and a inmature kid being prosecuted in that manner is a disgrace. The prosecution of Oxley if differ somewhat.. He was convicted did sometime appealled and was re-tried and got a hung jury. The third trial brought out some truths that had been stretched by the lawenforcement communtiy. One such officer is now under inditment for a felony(unrelated), one passed away, and two just slipped under the radar.. That wasnt Duves fault that cops lie.. We all have to assume cops are honest but that not always the case.
819.. You are dillusional and should seek help. If this is what you want for a DA you are a very disturbed person.. Think about it for a while.. She has had dismissal after dismissal and now she is causing a backlog in our courts. She pleas out more than any DA in SLC history and has been anything but professional in her approach to others .

Anonymous said...

Think it is far more likely she is interested in being on the short list to be the next county court judge when Judge Richards retires.

Anonymous said...

1052.. Seeing you said she is interested I,ll give you a pass.... We voters are not interested

Anonymous said...

Back to important stuff,the guy who said she is hot,is absolutely correct.