Sunday, November 22, 2015

WDT: Derrick Seeks to Climb Steep Hill Against Steep Odds

        It will be interesting to see if Democrat Mike Derrick can mount a meaningful challenge in next years first defense of the seat by Rep. Elise Stefanik.
         Mr. Derrick has raised money in six figures and has been criss-crossing NY21, lining up party support. Lewis County's committee backed him this week.
          As retired Army colonels, Mr. and Mrs Derrick have the means to take the time to run around campaigning for a year.  People seldom consider its not just campaign spending that is the cost in something like this. There is tremendous personal opportunity cost and effect on livelihood.
         On the positive side, Mr. Derrick is engaging and well versed on military and world geo-political matters. That places him ahead of Aaron Woolf on the substance meter.
          Mr. Derrick is relatively unknown and faces the challenge of making the case for changing MOC's when the district just elected one of DCs rising stars in Ms. Stefanik, who continues to impress with her hard work and stands on issues that are in tune with NNY.
          As with any of these affairs, a candidate must demonstrate viability before national money and help flows in. There will be sufficient national support on the other side and the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Speaker only helps Ms. Stefanik.
           It's a heavy lift for Mr. Derrick, not because he is a bad guy, but because his opponent is doing a good job and is by any measure an emerging player in the capital.
           It will be interesting to see if Ms. Stefanik now gets McHugh-like reverence from the Watertown media who lined up against her last year. Maybe, maybe not, but Mr. Derrick will have a hard time breaking into the consciousness here.
Watertown Daily Times | Derrick gains support from Lewis County Democratic Committee


Anonymous said...

What Watertown media? The Times is firing a boatload of people and the paper is shrinking.

Anonymous said...

Farkas is back in Schenectady at the Gazette. When did he leave ? He did improve the look of the paper while there.

Anonymous said...

He starts 10% in the hole with Matt the baker taking votes away. No way he wins with in the race

Anonymous said...

Not a prayer. He should have tried to get the conservative nod instead and attacked her from the right. Then let the commie baker take the Woolfie vote. This guy is going to be even more embarrassed than Woolfie.

Anonymous said...

The Johnsons have never accepted Elise.
Neither has Don ABCDEFGFDER Coon.

Looks like they just can't back a winner.

Now that the Times is sinking rapidly, how long will PoorLoser Coon stay in the chairmanship. Madame Fitzpatrick and her man are both expressing interest. So is Chair-in-waiting Morgia. So is the power couple Gary and his lady.

Anonymous said...

Omg I'm dying laughing. I fell off the toilet laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

He is DOA, tied with the Democrats, Obama & lying Hilly. No way shape or form will he ever be given an audience with the higher ups at FDrum.

You don't retire from the military @ early 50s unless you were forced out and not considered on a trajectory curve and promotion. So the guy retires and settles into a cushy job at State under none other than Hillary. He has been silent on Benghazi and the death of 4 fellow Americans. Looks like he as well feels comfortable when our guys were pleading for backup and none one came.

Disgraceful. I would never vote for this guy.

Anonymous said...

Only reason why he is back here is that his father passed away and he
inherited the family property.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Two points:

1. Yes, uphill for Derrick and that hill is loaded with big (mostly outside the district money) for Ms. Stefank, e.g., billionaire Paul Singer in NYC gave her $120,000 almost as much as Derrick has raised.

2. From the WDT piece: "Mr. Derrick said he has switched political parties throughout most of his life because he follows whichever party caters more to his views. He has been registered as an independent, a Republican and a Democrat. At this time, he said, the Democratic Party is in a better position to help middle-class Americans." (Note: so he seeks issues w/in the party he likes and then joins them to seek a seat? How novel).

I ask: "He appears to be another party flip-flopper. Why am I not surprised. So, where are the basic principled candidates?

Anyone, anyone at all know where they are? Oops...!!!

Anonymous said...

1:01 Dannie you need to run, take on the establishement Dems.

Have to give you credit you will go down and sink with your party ideology, but do not understand what issues he likes when there is nothing to like about your party platform. Lying Hillary or the Socialist/Commie Sanders who does he support and what are his views on income inequality?

Middle Class issues, tell him take a good long look around this state that has been controlled by your party for the last 50 years, over 1 million taxpayers have migrated out of the state in the last 10 years, now Alcoa, Remington down in the district below us. Yes Mr. Derrick tell us what you like about Obama and his administration the last 7 years. You call him a flip-flopper, I would like to know why he didn't run for office in Oregon/Washington or wherever the he## he is from?

You are right, he sounds so much like Woolfman

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I would love to run for Congress here and even face Ms. Stefanik.

But the DEMS around here always want a "fresh" face (and is possible someone with tons of money or money connections - which is always what I run against). So, a strong knowledge base on critical issues and lots of government experience - well - matters not them, and that's the way they are and a main reason I don't like that party style... I could try to run my own, but you know how that works petition-wise ... oops.

Anonymous said...

How many times have you run for elective office?
Which offices?

As a new guy to politics in town, I ask this in all seriousness.